PVC Fittings: One Solution for Many Plumbing and Construction Based Predicaments

Press Release   •   Nov 04, 2011 11:38 IST

They say development and construction are cousins. And with a lot of construction happening, it is but natural that piping, tubing and fittings are familiar and commonly used words (or rather aspects). One of the most widely used accessories is the segment of pipe fittings and connectors. Like the name implies, pipe connectors and fittings are accessories which provide ‘connector mechanism’ to pipes and related piping aspects. The plumbing and water solutions’ sector requires a lot of mechanisms where pipes need to be joined for a proper flow.

Combining working mechanics and a layman’s understanding, fittings are accessories via which pipes could be joined, installed, terminated or closed, wherever necessary. These come in different shapes, sizes, standards and all these aspects largely depend on the type of connection required. There are hundreds of types of fittings, some customized some regular but all these fittings, depending upon the threads get classified either as male threaded or female threaded (female threads appear on the inside whereas male threads appear outside of threaded fittings).

There is a whole range of pipes and fittings that are available in a variety of materials; PVC being one of them. PVC is an acronym forpolyvinyl chloride which is a type of plastic (thermoplasticpolymer to be precise). Along with polyethylene and polypropylene, PVC manages to rule the world of plastic applications. And unlike other materials PVC pipes have more advantages as compared to drawbacks.

PVC is a popular flavor in the piping segment principally because of the follows reasons:

  • PVC is cheap as compared to many of its contemporaries like stainless steel, iron etc. As every big cost is distributed over smaller segments, even the financially thick field of construction and water systems is thick because of the cost involved in aspects like labor, piping etc. So in a way, any saving would eventually result in the lessening of the overall cost; PVC pitches well here.

  • Cheap is almost a ‘reverse’ to durability but when it’s PVC, things are different. PVC is known for its durability which is one of the 5 main factors for choosing a material type in construction, production and plumbing sectors.

  • The next big advantage for PVC fittings and other accessories like PVC pipe connectors is that PVC offers the ease of workability. And as there are many aspects (like critical construction venues or water systems) where workability is the prime factor, PVC triumphs all the way.

  • As compared to other ingredients like steel, iron and even concrete, PVC fittings weigh quite less. Less weight indirectly results in overall savings via transport aspects, time consumed while installation etc.

  • PVC pipe connectors and other accessories do not conduct electricity; this helps in safety considerations as there are many electrical poles and arrangements near the piping systems.

  • The flow is a major concern when it comes to piping/plumbing systems and PVC pipes offer great amounts of smoothness, so less friction and better flow.

  • Lastly, PVC fittings, pipes etc. come across as chemical resistant and don’t rust or corrode either.

All in all, PVC pipes offer safe, durable and better flowing solutions.

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