Read BookChums reviews before buying books

Press release   •   Mar 29, 2012 14:51 IST

The book summary on the back cover of the book can deceive. It has deceived people, many-a-times. Books can appear fun, educative, appealing, coherent and grammatically correct in that one page or online book summary (if users prefer to buy online). But when the reader finally opens the book, he/she can often be flabbergasted by incoherent, innovation-free, boring, substandard content and experiences. Now given that books are expensive and demand an investment of time and energy, we suggest that users stop googling a book’s title before the buy button is clicked.

BookChums is a one-stop solution for quality book reviews and buying new books. This website offers a very strong database of book reviews not only of that particular book but users can check book reviews of other books by the same author. Further, there is an author profile section that along with bios elaborates the writing style of the author and the development of the author’s writing style. Once users are satisfied, they can go ahead and buy the book from the website itself.

This site has many new reviews by Indian authors that were earlier very difficult to find. For instance, Tea For Two And A Piece Of Cake (by Preeti Shenoy), The Butterfly Generation (by Palash Krishna Mehrotra) and When loss is Gain (by Pavan K Verma) are good review examples of the latest releases. No other website has Indian books with such educated and well-written reviews. After reading unbiased reviews, readers can buy the books from the website. They sell books at discounted rates!
Now here’s the real advantage of buying from BookChums: The buying process is simple and requires very little time. The book is delivered at the address mentioned in about three days with additional shipping discounts on bulk orders.

Further, the website has an interesting free ebook section, where a reader can read sample chapters and/or prologues and then decide what to buy. Booklovers, it just cannot get bigger and cheaper than this!