Reasons for Widespread Usage of Fibre Optic Cable

Press Release   •   Feb 05, 2013 17:01 IST

A cable with more than one optical fibre is called fibre optic cable. The optic cables are individually coated with plastic layers. These cables are then placed in a protective tube that will keep them intact in the environment where they will be used. These cables have several advantages that have made it a popular choice among people.

Why is Fibre Optic Cable Widely Used:

• While copper cable corrodes with time, fibre optic cable is almost immune to corrosion. The reason why copper cable corrodes is because it is sensitive to chemicals and water, and when it comes in direct contact with these materials, it wears out. Since the latter is coated, it does not corrode and has a long life.

• Fibre optic cable is capable of carrying information over long distances. So there is no need of amplification even if the signal is transmitted till 80 km.

• These cables can be used outdoors and can be used alongside electrical wires. Since their covering does not let any other source interfere with the transmission, the leads do not need to be grounded for safety.

• Unlike copper cable, the fibre optic cable does not carry electrical current. Therefore it is safe and does not harm users in any way. Since it emits light in place of electric current, there is no chance of electrocution when it comes in contact with water. Due to the protective casing in these optic fibres, they have a long shelf life and are extremely durable.

Relationship Between Fibre Optic Cable and Cable Television:

Due to the numerous advantages of fibre optic cables, they are used to distribute cable network to the end users. Cable television network is an extension of broadcasts in the air. When this system started, the end could be achieved by using ordinary antenna cable. But later the IP television became popular. It used fibre optic cables for distribution TV channels with varied IP addresses. Each TV channel is assigned an MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 system, and then the channel is distributed over to millions of homes using this cable.

These cables are used as they are durable, are not affected by rain or lightning, are able to transmit information over very long distances, and are weather resistant. Due to its durability, it does not wear off and these cables go a very long way. So the receivers enjoy the cable television channels without disruption. Due to its resistance against odd weathers, the connection stays intact even if there is heavy rain, strong winds or snow fall. The fibre optic cables are also apt for distribution HD channels. They can also distribute multiple channels in one go. Finally, since these channels have IP addresses, they can be easily tracked and it can be found where the cables are delivering the transmission.

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