Reasons To Use Inline Fans For Bathroom Ventilation

Press Release   •   Jul 19, 2012 16:33 IST

These days most of the homes are tightly insulated with effective heating or cooling systems. Doors and windows are sealed tightly and this results in poor quality of indoor air. Closed windows and doors can lead to stale and unhealthy indoor air circulation. This can cause allergies, ruined furniture, mold and ruined paint. Mechanical ventilation becomes essential to improve the quality of indoor air in homes.

Installation of exhaust fans is one of the best methods to ventilate homes in an affordable and efficient manner. There are various types of exhaust fans which can be used for various purposes.

Types of Exhaust Fans:

Ceiling Mounted Fans: These exhaust fans can be installed on the ceilings and it helps to expel stale air through the ceilings of homes and other spaces. The fan is connected to a duct that is fixed outside the home through an external vent.

Wall Mounted Fans: These fans are generally installed on the exterior walls of the homes. Wall mounted fans do not require ducts as it expels the stale air directly.

Inline Fans: These fans are installed in between the ducts and therefore it is known as inline exhaust fans. It is generally installed in bathrooms but not on the ceilings of the bathrooms. It is installed away from the bathroom or in the attic space. As it is not mounted directly on to the ceilings, it seldom produces any sound.

Combination Exhaust Fans: There are various combination exhaust units available today. There are fan-light combinations where the exhaust fan provides both illumination and fan features.

Kitchen Range: It is usually installed inside the kitchen cooking hood to expel stale and bad odor. It helps to expel cooking odors and reduces moisture in the kitchen area.

Reasons to Use Inline Fan:

Most of the people prefer to use cabinet inline fan in bathrooms due to several reasons. Some of the most important advantages include the following.

Less Sound: As the inline fans are installed away from the exhaust points, it produces less sound. It produces less noise as there is limited fan vibration. The insulated ductwork in these exhaust fans reduces the sound.

Powerful: These fans are generally installed in the attics. So it is more powerful as its capacity is not limited by space constraints.

Exhaust Points: It is possible to install multiple exhaust points in these fans with the use of grills and WYE connectors. Different types of grills are made available today which include different sizes and shapes.

Bathroom inline fans are more effective than traditional ceiling mountable fans. Some of the most important components of this exhaust fan include fans, interior grilles, ductwork, exterior vent and switch.

There are different types of inline exhaust fans used in different types of bathrooms. The fans must be installed in a way so that it drains the air outside. Interior grilles are available in different sizes and shapes to suit different types of ductworks.

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