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Report on Medical Diagnostic Systems in Italy

Press Release   •   Oct 10, 2012 14:58 IST

This report supplies information on the Medical Diagnostic Systems Italian market and its competitors: market trends, SWOT and key success factors analysis, major companies performance indicators (total turnover, sector specific turnover, market shares and export quotas), business prospects and trends.

 Product technology:
Production of the devices and instruments used in medical diagnosis relies on electrical, mechanical and information technology, while technology needed for the production of reagents is of a biochemical nature.
A diagnostic system is a set of devices, instruments, reagents, test kits, control kits and disposable materials used to analyse biological samples in order to determine patients’ health status by providing information concerning a specific physiological or pathological condition or genetic anomaly. This information may also be used in determining the safety and compatibility of a subject performing certain activities and in monitoring the therapeutic process. Business Report
 Client categories: there are essentially two types of clients in the sector, which can be distinguished from one another based on their purchasing habits:
• public hospitals and clinics
 • private laboratories and clinics

 The sector includes numerous types of laboratory diagnostic tests that can be grouped into six main areas:
• clinical chemistry
 • immunochemistry
 • infectious disease immunology
 • microbiology
 • hematology
 • genetics
 Technology varies in each group, so there are a plethora of sub-segments and classes of products. For the purpose of this report, in vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests will be divided into the six areas of testing listed above, each of which can in turn be segmented into numerous categories.
 Clinical chemistry:
• enzyme tests;
 • substrate tests;
 • electrolyte tests (including blood gas tests);
 • control and standard serum tests;
 • rapid tests;
 • other chemical clinical diagnostic tests.
• tests for specific proteins;
 • allergy tests;
 • tumour markers;
 • thyroid hormone tests;
 • other specific hormone tests;
 • fertility and pregnancy tests;
 • anaemia and vitamin deficiency tests;
 • therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM);
 • drug/substance abuse;
 • autoimmunity disorder tests;
 • specialised rheumatology tests;
 • liver function tests;
 • cardiac markers;
 • rapid tests;
 • control and standard tests, calibrators;
 • other immunochemistry related tests.
 Infectious disease immunology:
• tests for infectious bacterial diseases (e.g. chlamydia, syphilis, mycoplasma);
 • tests for infectious viruses (e.g. hepatitis, retroviruses, herpes simplex, cytomegalovirus, rubella);
 • o parasitology;
 • mycology;
 • other tests for infectious diseases.
• bacterial (culture) tests;
 • virus identification tests and antibiograms;
 • mycology;
 • parasitology;
 • other similar tests.
• reagents for blood tests;
 • coagulation (hemostasis) tests;
 • blood grouping and cross-matching;
 • tissue typing;
 • monoclonal antibodies / cytometry;
 • lymphokine testing and immunomodulation;
 • blood tissue and blood cell testing;
 • other hematological tests.
• inherited genetic/chromosome alterations;
 • acquired genetic/chromosome alterations;
 • other genetic tests.
 The present analysis will not include products sold in chemist’s shops, computer hardware and software, or products for industrial use or for the purpose of conducting scientific research. The various types of in vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests can often be performed through many different methods and different kinds of technology, and may be performed automatically, semi-automatically or manually.
 In Italy, devices and instruments for in vitro diagnostics have been defined, for legal purposes, in Legislative Decree no. 332/2000.
 Most major companies in the sector operate on an international level.
Databank’s methodology for Competitors reports begins with a careful screening to identify the main organisations that are representative of a given sector. Several one-to-one interviews are then conducted with the selected organisations. Questionnaires are sent to all the leading companies on an annual basis. The information collected is then verified by an expert in the particular sector using a system of counterchecks to guarantee that the information is entirely reliable and consistent. The process is then completed using Cerved Group’s proprietary information about Italian enterprises. All Competitors reports also include details concerning the strategies and performances of the leading companies in each sector.
 Wherever no specific source is indicated, the information published in these reports can be assumed to have been taken from Cerved Group’s proprietary information bank. Coverage of any sector in Competitors products may be used in company presentations or in training courses on the subject.
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