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Research on Global and China Ceramic Industry

Press Release   •   Jul 11, 2013 15:57 IST

July 11 ,2013 : Bharat Book Bureau presents the new report, on 'Research on Global and China Ceramic Industry, 2013-2017'. However, the growth rate was dropped, and the growth rate of sales income reduced by nearly 16 percentage points compared with 2011.

As for the constitution of sales income, the architectural ceramics accounted for 58.85% in the overall sales income of ceramic industry, and this proportion of special ceramics, household ceramics, sanitary ceramics and ceramics for garden, furnishing art and other purposes was 15.38%,14.71%, 7.88% and 3.19% respectively.

China’s architectural ceramics enterprises are mainly distributed in Foshan, Guangdong province, Jinjiang, Fujian province in South China, as well as Shanghai’s surrounding areas and Central Shandong; the major ceramics production regions of Shenyang in Northeast region, Central Jiangxi in South China, Jiajiang Region in Sichuan in West China and Hebei province were developed in recent years. The output of these regions has reached 2.5 billion square meters, accounting for about a half of the global total output. Foshan, Guangdong province is the most representative area, the output account for more than 60% of the total output in China.

According to the statistics of Customs, the total export amount in 2012 increased by10.95% year-on-year, while the total export volume decreased by 12.53%. Affected by the increasing of anti-dumping and the weakness of international market, the growth rate of export amount decreased by nearly 20 percentage points in 2012 compared with the previous year, and the growth rate of export volume developed to negative growth from the positive growth of more than 10%; the export unit price increased by 26.84% year-on-year.

Huidian Research believes that due to the continuous increase of production costs and the constant decline of profit, the entire industry faces relatively huge pressures; and since the shrinking of international ceramic market and the relative saturation of domestic market, marketing hinders the development of China’s ceramic industry; coupled with the gradual disappearance of relative advantages of China’s ceramics manufacturing industry, un-occupied high-end market, the shortage of related intellectual property protection, inadequate independent innovation capability, as well as the insufficient technological support, the development of domestic ceramic industry is limited. Therefore, it is difficult for China’s ceramic industry to achieve high growth rate, and the growth rate will maintain about 15% in the next five years; it is estimated that, the total industrial output value in this industry will reach about CNY 1.1 trillion by 2017.

Table of contents :

1. Definition and Classification of Ceramics Manufacturing Industry
1.1 Definition of Ceramics
1.2 Classification of Ceramics
1.2.1 Classify by Application
1.2.2 Classify by Raw Materials and Density of Green Body
1.3 Ceramics Manufacturing Industry’s Position in National Economy

2. Development Status of Ceramics Manufacturing Industry in Major Countries
2.1 The United States
2.2 Italy
2.3 Japan

3. Development Environment of China’s Ceramics Manufacturing Industry
3.1 Economic Development Environment
3.1.1 Macro-economy
3.1.2 GDP
3.1.3 Investment in the Fixed Assets
3.1.4 Total Import and Export Amount and Growth Rate
3.2 Policy Environment

4. Development Status of Ceramic Industry
4.1 Global Market
4.2 Status Quo of China’s Ceramic Industry
4.2.1 Supply
4.2.2 Demand
4.3 Main Existing Problems
4.3.1 Excess Total Volume
4.3.2 Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Lags Behind Social Economic Development Level
4.3.3 Technical Equipments need to be Improved Urgently
4.3.4 Relatively Low Industry Concentration Ratio
4.3.5 Lack of Internationally Famous Brand

5. Import and Export of China’s Ceramic Industry
5.1 Import
5.2 Export

6. Industry Chain of China’s Ceramic Industry
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Upstream Industry
6.2.1 Kaolin Industry
6.2.2 Other Upstream Industries
6.3 Downstream Industry

7. Competition Status of China’s Ceramic Industry
7.1 Competition Status
7.2 Competitive Structure
7.2.1 Porter’s Five Forces
7.2.2 Competitive Characteristics
7.3 Industry Life Cycle

8. Technical Status and Development Trend of Ceramic Industry
8.1 Status Quo
8.2 Development Trend

9. Development Status of Sub-industries of Ceramic Industry
9.1 Sanitary Ceramics Manufacturing Industry
9.1.1 Supply
9.1.2 Demand
9.1.3 Balance between Supply and Demand
9.1.4 Development Trend
9.2 Special Ceramics Manufacturing Industry
9.2.1 Supply
9.2.2 Demand
9.2.3 Balance between Supply and Demand
9.2.4 Development Trend
9.3 Household Ceramics Manufacturing Industry
9.3.1 Supply
9.3.2 Demand
9.3.3 Balance between Supply and Demand
9.3.4 Development Trend
9.4 Manufacturing Industry of Ceramics for Garden, Furnishing Art and Other Purposes
9.4.1 Supply
9.4.2 Demand
9.4.3 Balance between Supply and Demand
9.4.4 Development Trend
9.5 Architectural Ceramics Manufacturing Industry
9.5.1 Demand
9.5.2 Balance between Supply and Demand

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