Right Way To Clean And Accessorize Your Fish Aquarium

Press Release   •   Aug 03, 2012 11:30 IST

An aquarium is a beautiful option to enliven the interiors and to give a splash of colour and life to the barren corners of a room. However, the real beauty of an aquarium will be brought out fully only by using the right accessories including lighting. The intensity of the LED lighting will depend on the breed of fish that you intend to keep in the aquarium. Some fishes like to live in low lit environments whereas there are many breeds of fishes that perform best in bright light conditions.

Accessories should be chosen as per the size of the fish tank as a large tank might enquire heaters to maintain the right temperature. While buying accessories, make sure to compare the prices in more than two shops to get the best quotes. Online purchase is an easy option to get the best deals. However, even while going for low priced supplies, adequate care should be taken to make sure that the accessories are of good quality. Aquarium filters and sterilizers are some of the accessories that require great caution while buying because these keep the water clean from pollutants thereby safeguarding the lives of the fishes in the tank. Over stuffing the tank with accessories might not be a good idea. Avoid sharp objects or very big accessories that clutter the space.

Product reviews and customer testimonials will help you to narrow down the choices. It is recommended to avail professional guidance from the online stores to make sure that you are buying the right accessories that are suited for your tank and its fish wealth.

Now that you have set up an aquarium accessories, the next challenge would be to keep the aquarium clean. You may need a few basic cleaning accessories like Algae pads to remove algae, glass scarper to clean the glass walls and glass magnet which helps you to clean the aquarium without you having to get wet.

Choose the right accessories and keep your fish tank spotlessly clean to make sure that your fish tank remains beautiful and brimming with positive energy. The water in the aquarium should be changed once in every week to make sure that the water is pure and well oxygenated. The tank should be cleaned thoroughly every month when all the accessories should be taken out and washed thoroughly and the filtration system cleaned and replaced if needed. Never use soap or any other chemical cleaning agents as these could harm the fishes.

Regular the PH of the water should be evaluated to ensure normal levels. The fish tank should be kept away from bright light or direct sun light. You can keep the tank clean by making use of these simple methods. Apart from being cheap, these DIY tank cleaning tips would ensure you an enjoyable work out option too on a holiday.

Always keep a close watch for any symptoms of illnesses on your fishes like patches on their fins or sliminess as these could be symptoms of diseases and often related to the unhygienic conditions in the tank.

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