Rising Demand of Healthcare Professionals in UAE

Press Release   •   Oct 15, 2012 15:00 IST

According to a new research report by RNCOS, titled “UAE Healthcare Sector Forecast to 2014” the country has been witnessing a tremendous increase in the demand for healthcare services and professionals. Rise in cases of chronic lifestyle-induced diseases and injuries are propelling the need for more healthcare professional towards providing more specialized services. At present, the country has a low ratio of doctors per thousand people compared to the developed countries like USA and other European countries. Additionally, attrition rate of doctors is relatively high in the country due to high expatriate population. On the back of these obvious factors, the demand for doctors is anticipated to rise exhibiting a CAGR of around 5% during 2011-2014.

Besides this, the demand for hospitals and hospital beds is also likely to increase in the country over the next few years as the existing infrastructure is inadequate to deal with the rising number of health complications. Additionally, the UAE Government is trying to develop the country as the medical tourism destination for plastic surgery treatments that are gaining popularity in the Middle-East region.

Moreover, our research indicates that, per head expenditure on healthcare is increasing in the country. Driven by this increasing expenditure, improving financial stability and emergence of new industrial sectors other than oil and gas, the UAE healthcare industry is gradually turning into an attractive destination for the healthcare professionals worldwide.

Our report, “UAE Healthcare Sector Forecast to 2014”, provides an in-depth research and analysis of various segments of the UAE healthcare market, including hospitals services, pharmaceuticals and medical devices. It was observed that the country’s medical device market has been buoyed by some of the lowest import duties in the region which make the UAE an attractive destination for imports of medical devices. The domestic manufacturing of these devices remains low in the country. The study of the pharmaceuticals industry revealed that there will be a strong demand for OTC drugs in the UAE in near future due to the opening of standard retail pharmacy chains and rising trend of self-medication. Our report provides comprehensive research, objective analysis, and information on important issues of the UAE healthcare market. It indeed, aims to be a useful guide for those companies, consultants and investors who are planning to enter the lucrative UAE healthcare market.

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