Rising Health Consciousness to Impel Premium Cereal Market Growth

Press Release   •   Dec 23, 2013 14:21 IST

Indian premium cereal market is expected to witness an elevated demand for the premium cereals on the back of innovations in breakfast cereals with more & more new launches and introduction of international brands in the near future. The key decision factor for consumers while purchasing cereal is the increasing awareness regarding the high health benefits of the cereal consumption. The consumption of breakfast cereals, especially oats, which help to lower cholesterol, control heart diseases, and avoid obesity, would support the market growth immensely. Considering the above promising factors, Indian Premium Cereal Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 20% during the forecast period 2013-2016.

As per our analysis, the Indian premium cereal market is projected to gain momentum considerably well in the coming years, owing to the attractive factors like introduction of many fascinating traditional and fruit flavors in the cereal products. In addition to this other major factors are the rising household incomes and the busy schedule of customer demanding instant cooking aids. Furthermore, the increased efforts by various players to attract the customers through promotional activities etc. also contribute to the vivid future of the market.

The report “Booming Premium Cereal Market in India”, by RNCOS spread over 35 pages provides an in-depth research and rational analysis of the current status and future growth prospects of the premium cereal market in the country. Our research includes study of Indian cereal market segmentation covering Hot as well as the Ready to Eat category products. Besides that, the report exhibits the emerging trends and drivers in country which are boosting the Indian premium cereal market in the country. Additionally, our research also includes analysis of major roadblocks hindering the growth of cereal industry in India.

Further, through the section of key players, we have tried to provide an insight of current market scenario and existing competition. Additionally, we have also covered the business and product overview of these players in the country. In all, the report presents a comprehensive look at the sector’s past, present, and future scenario which would guide our clients to frame suitable and profitable strategies for a better growth in market.

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