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Rising interest in home gardening to boost the Lawn & Garden Consumables market

Press Release   •   Nov 23, 2010 12:52 IST

World Lawn & Garden Consumables to 2014

Global demand to reach $20 billion by 2014
Global demand for lawn and garden consumables is forecast to reach $20 billion in 2014. Gains will benefit from the rising incomes and the emergence of a middle class in developing nations, which will create demand for lawn and garden products, including consumables which were previously considered luxury items. In addition, the fascination in the large US market with obtaining a lush, green lawn will continue to provide opportunities. Further promoting growth is a burgeoning aging population that will be reaching their peak gardening years. Increased interest in home gardening in developed areas of the world will boost demand for various consumables, such as flower and vegetable seeds, mulch, growing media, as well as various fertilizers. Limiting further growth are environmental concerns and money saving efforts among various end users, who will try to reduce the use of pesticides, fertilizers and other chemical treatments on lawns and gardens. ( )

Western regions to remain dominant markets
The bedrock US market, which accounted for roughly 45 percent of the global total, will continue to influence growth trends in the aggregate. Growth in US demand will reflect a turnaround in the housing crisis, as well as consumers’ continued enthusiasm for lawn care and a renewed interest in food gardening. The US (combined with other North American countries) and Western Europe will continue to be the dominant regional markets, with these two regions comprising over 80 percent of demand in 2014. These developed nations generally have a high percentage of households with yards, as well as high per capita income levels that allow for discretionary purchases such as consumables used to improve the aesthetics of a homeowner’s surroundings. These regions also support the vast majority of the world’s golf courses and other recreational fields, which are major consumers of lawn and garden consumables.

Developing regions to grow fastest from small base
The most rapid growth in lawn and garden consumables demand is forecast for the developing nations of Asia, Central and South America, Eastern Europe and Africa/Mideast. Despite a large population and above-average per annum growth, these markets will remain relatively small. Demand throughout much of these areas is limited by low income levels, with most consumers unable to afford lawn and garden consumables for home use. However, demand for consumables will benefit as income levels rise, and a greater emphasis is placed on beautifying homes, by establishing and maintaining lawns and gardens.

Growing media, seeds, mulch among best prospects
Growing media and other products, such as seeds and mulch, will provide the best opportunities through 2014. Growing media are benefiting from the expanding consumer trend favoring value-added products such as premium soils. Seed demand will benefit from accelerated use of grass seed as new home construction rebounds in the large US market. Mulch is gaining use as an aid in environmental efforts such as water conservation.

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