Rising Ortho Treatments Driving Indian Medical Tourism Market

Press release   •   Apr 04, 2013 15:36 IST

India is emerging as one of the most economical healthcare destination in the world. The country is becoming the global hub for orthopedic procedure due to its benefits, such as medical expertise, affordable low-cost healthcare and state-of-art technology at par with the world’s best. Moreover, the market is propelling on the back of increasing aging population and rising obesity, which exerts more pressure on the joints. Besides, the number of procedures for hip and knee replacement is rising as the growing number of younger patients is opting for hip and knee replacement procedures. Therefore, considering these factors it is anticipated that medical tourist market will grow at a CAGR of 27.4% during 2012-2015.

According to our research report, “Booming Medical Tourism in India”, medical tourism in the country has emerged as one of the most rapidly growing segment of the Tourism Industry. The high cost of treatments in the developed nations, like USA and the European countries, is driving patients to opt for cost-effective destinations like India for their treatments. Moreover, medical tourism is growing tremendously in the country due to equivalence of the infrastructure and expertise of the private hospitals meeting the standards of the western nation’s hospitals.

Further, our report covers the in-depth analysis of the market segments of the healthcare industry like cardiac procedure, neurological & spinal surgery and cosmetic surgery. It also covers the dental treatment segment along with the wellness tourism. In addition, our report provides the future market potentials along with base drivers and opportunities that are likely to drive the medical tourism market in the country.

Our report “Booming Medical Tourism in India” covers the comprehensive analysis of the cost including healthcare infrastructure and treatments with their waiting period. It also covers the government initiatives that are supporting medical tourism along with the accreditation. In addition, it provides the detailed analysis of the leading market players including their recent developments. Overall, the study includes essential information about the industry to help clients understand the market dynamics and get an insight into it at the micro level.

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