Risks Posed By Compact Fluorescent Lights

Press Release   •   Jul 17, 2013 13:09 IST

CFL bulbs or the Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs are favored by most of the governments and individuals due to its energy efficient properties. But these energy efficient light bulbs pose dangerous hazards to people in different ways.

According to the recent survey, these light bulbs emit higher levels of UVA rays which can be quite harmful if exposed to the human body. It can cause one of the deadliest forms of skin cancer in humans.

Moreover, the risks posed by the breakage of these bulbs are even more than the ordinary bulbs which contain mercury. There is hardly any good solution for cleaning up the broken pieces of compact fluorescent bulbs. The risks of exposure to the harmful vapors of mercury are considerably high. The twisted spiral shape of these bulbs makes it more prone to cracks and breakages. This further increases the risks of mercury exposure.

Most of these bulbs include cancer causing elements according to the German scientists. Various toxins and chemicals are released when these bulbs are turned on.

Although these bulbs are considered to be better for the environment, it usually ends up in land fills which can further pollute the soil and water.

Moreover, these bulbs emit a strong brightness which can prove to be harmful to the eyes. The lights can seldom be reduced which can cause serious problems to health. These bulbs are also prone to flickering due to severe voltage fluctuations. This can also be detrimental to the eyes in many ways. Retinal damages are also linked to the usages of these light bulbs.

It is therefore quite essential to dispose the CFL bulbs appropriately so that it seldom poses any health risks.

The compact fluorescent lights and bulbs should be collected and stored separately. It should seldom be dumped with various other waste materials. It should be kept far away from the reach of small children as it can cause serious harm when the mercury is exposed to the environment. Mercury vapors can affect the skin and the eyes of children.

Broken compact fluorescent bulbs should be disposed with extra care. The broken pieces should seldom be stored in plastic bags as the mercury tends to leak through the bags and cause harm to people. It should be stored in glass boxes and disposed with care.

It should be recycled properly in the recycling plants so as to control environment pollution.

The compact fluorescent lights are not the only energy efficient bulbs which are made available these days. The LED lights are also known to be energy efficient and it includes various other benefits too. It is considered to be durable and cost effective. It does not contain mercury and therefore seldom poses any health hazards to the environment.

Nevertheless, there are various types of compact fluorescent lights and bulbs which are made available through online stores these days. In spite of various health risks posed by these bulbs, it is still widely used in most of the homes and offices due to its various advantageous features.

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