RNCOS Survey: ‘Discounts and Offers’ Attracting Customers to Shop Online

Press Release   •   Aug 09, 2012 14:41 IST

On the base of a survey conducted by RNCOS, collecting information from around 1000 respondents (including professionals, businessmen, students and individuals who are aware of online retailing or shop online), on ‘Discounts and Offers’ are luring consumers towards online shopping. Besides, the survey also revealed various other factors rated by respondents, which might act as an area of focus for the new and existing players to improve their performance in the market.

Moreover, according to the new research report, “Indian Online Retail Market Analysis”, online retail sector in India is emerging as one of the markets holding immense growth potential. Growing usage of mobile phones, especially smart phones along with increasing internet users is also boosting online retail market in India. Moreover, with changing consumer behavior towards shopping and increasing impact of social media, online retail market in India is set to explore new growth opportunities in the coming years. It is anticipated that the online retail sector will grow at a CAGR of around 39% during FY 2013-2016.

Further, the report provides detailed analysis on consumer behavior including customer buying habits, major reasons for shopping online, spending patterns under different price bands, consumer preference for various products, etc. In addition, it facilitates detailed study and forecast of online retail industry in India entailing the major growth drivers, industry trends, and opportunities.

Furthermore, the report provides a complete understanding of functioning of online retailing in India. With a view to understanding industry’s competitive landscape, the report also provides profiling of industry’s lead players including flipcart.com, snapdeal.com, and homeshop18.com along with their SWOT analysis, which will help clients understand the market situation and its progress in the coming years. Overall, the report contains all the vital information that will help clients to draw up their market strategies and assess opportunity areas in India’s Online Retail Market.

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