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Russian Gas Export on European Markets

Press Release   •   Dec 27, 2013 11:29 IST

Dec 27, 2013 : Bharat Book Bureau presents the new report, on 'Russian Gas Export on European Markets'  is the only commercially available publication looking deep into and evaluating the status quo of Gazprom’s export operations. This study could be of value to both current and potential gas buyers since it helps better understand the future of Russian gas supply. It could also be useful to producers as it offers a range of assessments concerning opportunities for entering production projects in Russia that have an export component. Also, the study could be useful to equipment and service providers considering an entry into gas pipeline projects.

The new Russian Gas Export Market report offers a modified study horizon and presents the most up-to-date information available. It provides a historical review of the market since 2009, further details the content and updates the forecasts. The focus of the study, however, remains the same: national markets and the role of Russian gas.

The report provides an in-depth review of the current state and future outlook of Russian gas export to traditional markets, helps better understand Russian gas supply potential in the medium term (12 years) and shows potential destinations for gas supply from Russia on the basis of one of the three scenarios provided.

Report sections:
1. Export resource base
2. Supply route diversification
3. Key customers for Russian gas (countries and companies) and their interrelationships
4. Gazprom “subsidiaries” operating in supply markets, their operating performance and growth prospects
5. Forecast of Russian gas supply based on three market scenarios to 2025

This study could be a useful tool for an analysis of current and future Russian export gas supply to individual national markets. The primary audiences concerned are current and future buyers of Russian gas:

- gas companies and power utilities,
- gas-intensive manufacturers and spot market traders,
- owners and operators of pipelines involved in the transit of Russian gas,
- owners or operators of European underground gas storage facilities.

The study could also be of use to banks considering investment in projects with a foreign gas component.

The report offers a comprehensive compilation of statistical data and information on Gazprom’s existing retail units in specific countries and helps understand Gazprom’s objectives, export strategies, competitive advantages and objective challenges facing the Russian gas company. The report could be used by companies as a ready-to-use source for developing in-house information and analytical reports on these topics or as a resource for preparing country or corporate reviews for in-depth marketing analysis in support of business plans.

Each import country overview will be structured as follows:
1. Introduction
2. Current balances of primary energy sources (modern situation, the share of natural gas in TPES)
3. Historic and present gas consumption (consumption statistics since 2000, key consumer sectors, existing and planned gas infrastructure)
4. Russia’s current gas positions on the domestic market
4.1. Share of Russian gas in total gas consumption
4.2. Key contracts and partners
4.3. Transportation of gas to the country (current gas routes, opportunities for supply diversification, transit of Russian gas (if applicable)
5. Evaluation of Gazprom’s activity in the country
5.1. Targets and strategies: outlook until 2025
5.2. Participation in local gas companies
5.3. Access to end consumers (if applicable)
6. Outlook for Russian gas supplies to the local market until 2025

Table of contents :

1 Introduction
2 Russian gas industry infrastructure oriented to traditional markets
2.1. Gas production infrastructure for export supplies to the traditional markets
2.2. Transport infrastructure
3 Western Europe
3.1. Belgium
3.2. France
3.3. Germany
3.4. Italy
3.5. The Netherlands
3.6. Switzerland
3.7. United Kingdom
4 Northern Europe
4.1. Denmark
4.2. Finland
5 Central Europe
5.1. Austria
5.2. Czech Republic
5.3. Poland
5.4. Slovakia
6 South Eastern Europe
6.1. Bosnia and Herzegovina
6.2. Bulgaria
6.3. Croatia
6.4. Greece
6.5. Hungary
6.6. Macedonia
6.7. Romania
6.8. Serbia
6.9. Slovenia
6.10. Turkey
7 European Former Soviet Union countries
7.1. Armenia
7.2. Belarus
7.3. Estonia
7.4. Georgia
7.5. Latvia
7.6. Lithuania
7.7. Moldova
7.8. Ukraine
8 Russian exports up to 2025: the scenarios
8.1. Key trends in development
8.2. Russian gas export scenarios out to 2025
8.2.1. The “Black” scenario – Current Policy Scenario (EU)
8.2.2. The “Yellow” scenario - Reference 2011
8.2.3. The “White” scenario – Gas scenario under Reference 2011
9 Conclusion

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