Saudi Arabian Healthcare Outlook to 2017

Press Release   •   Jul 17, 2013 15:19 IST

On the back of rising population, prevalence of lifestyle changes & infectious diseases, longer life expectancy & improving healthcare infrastructure, among others, Saudi Arabian Healthcare Sector is witnessing a significant growth over the past few years. The government and health regulatory authorities in the country have been taking keen interest in developing and enhancing healthcare infrastructure for increased accessibility. As per our latest research report “Saudi Arabian Healthcare Outlook to 2017,” the healthcare sector in the Kingdom is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of around 8.7% during 2013-2017.

On studying the market thoroughly, we observed that the trends, like growing penetration of international players, increasing government initiatives and rapidly developing new healthcare facilities were propelling healthcare industry in the country. The study of the emerging trends also revealed that the country was working for the betterment of medical education and related infrastructure, and was laying emphasis on the need to educate young Saudi healthcare professionals in terms of global standards.

This report is an outcome of extensive research and analysis of the Saudi Arabian Healthcare Industry. It provides an in-depth analysis of the contributions by MoH, private and other public sectors to the country’s healthcare industry, which includes study of existing healthcare infrastructure; hospital beds capacity and forecasted demand; healthcare workforce; etc. for each segment. Also, the research analyzes various crucial factors, like medical test rates in private hospitals and consultancy fees to provide an in-depth knowledge about the industry to potential investors.

The report further studies the Kingdom's medical devices and pharmaceuticals market. In the coming years, the country’s pharmaceutical industry is expected to witness strong growth. We found that this industry was one of the highly prolific healthcare sectors due to rising prevalence of lifestyle diseases, like obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular ailments. Our report includes detailed information about the domestic pharmaceutical market and the country’s imports. In medical device segment, presently the country has low manufacturing capabilities, but the market is growing tremendously, supported by government.

The report further discusses how growing consolidation, application of e-health and m-health, and favorable regulations are influencing the industry’s growth. It also covers a regional analysis of the country’s healthcare industry to give an idea about the region, exhibiting better opportunity for investment to our customers. Finally, the study covers a competitive landscape, which includes the country’s prominent pharmaceutical players and hospitals, to help clients understand the market, its structure and progress in the coming years.

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