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Scope launches SemantiCz™, a content enrichment solution for better discovery

Press Release   •   May 29, 2014 11:41 IST

Scope e-Knowledge Center (Scope), a leading provider of knowledge services and a Quatrro Global Services company, is pleased to announce the launch of its content enrichment solution SemantiCzTM. Combined with the foundational building blocks of abstracts from the ConSCIse™ platform and ontology from the diSCOver™ platform, SemantiCz will now form a powerful trio of platform-based services from Scope designed to serve as content enrichment and discovery solutions to help publishers and online information providers.  Scope has developed SemantiCz to meet the increasing demand for semantic enrichment of content that could transform the existing search and retrieval interfaces of publishers into knowledge discovery platforms. SemantiCz is a platform-enabled service that extracts entities and concepts from text and relates these with other concepts and entities to enable intelligent content discovery and linkages across content. Text classification and controlled vocabulary-based semantic tagging help to generate these relationships with precise, subject-specific contextual accuracy. Scope’s in-house team of subject matter experts (SMEs) curate and validate the platform output, and also continuously update the knowledge framework for new concepts, entities and relationships. The service is highly scalable, customizable to accommodate clients’ unique needs, and cost effective as it relieves clients of implementation and ongoing curation costs through a completely outsourced, semi-automated service. SemantiCz can also be leveraged to create or enrich controlled vocabularies and support previously implemented semantic software solutions. On the launch of SemantiCz, Tram Venkatraman, President of Scope, commented, “SemantiCz ensures domain relevant enrichment and linkages through ontologies that run in the back-end. While the platform ensures scalability, Scope’s subject matter experts lend the needed accuracy that may be often compromised by fully automatic semantic engines using natural language processing (NLP) software”  Scope’s Chief Operating Officer, M. A. Eswaran added, “User engagement and content usage can be vastly improved by using the SemantiCz model of SME-curated semantic enrichment. With SemantiCz joining our content discovery portfolio of platforms, we are confident that Scope can execute large scale semantic enrichment projects for content spanning a diverse range of subject domains. “ About Scope e-Knowledge Center Scope, a Quatrro Global Services company, is an award-winning provider of outsourced, cost-effective Content Enhancement Services, Data Management Services, Business Research Services and Patent Analytics for various clients across the globe. Scope, a niche knowledge services provider, has employees from various educational backgrounds and experience delivering knowledge solutions across multiple industry verticals and domains. Scope fulfils customer needs by leveraging its experience and capabilities using in-house developed proprietary technology solutions and platforms for service delivery as well as its internal needs. Scope is also the publisher of the daily newsletter Knowledgespeak, a comprehensive news service focusing on the STM information industry. For more information, please contact:  Richard KobelVice President, Business Development, USAScope e-Knowledge Center+1 516 462 John CamaranoAssociate Vice President, Business Development, USAScope e-Knowledge Center+1 301 538 Deborah HarmanAssociate Vice President,Business Development, UK & Europe+44 770 203 6704Scope e-Knowledge M.A. EswaranChief Operating Officer,Scope e-Knowledge Center, India +91 44 2431 4201 Ext

Scope eKnowledge Center, a Quatrro Group company, is an award winning provider of outsourced, cost-effective content enhancement and knowledge services to the global information industry. Scope uses a combination of deep subject matter expertise in a number of business and STM domains, innovative technology and proprietary intellectual property to provide world class services. In operation for over 24 years, Scope has built a clientele loyal to its abstracting, indexing, semantic enrichment, database/directory development and content authoring solutions. Scope is also the publisher of the daily Knowledgespeak newsletter, the authoritative news service focusing on the STM information industry.