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Scope of Building Materials A Know How

Press Release   •   Nov 28, 2011 13:29 IST

Plinth in terms of a human body is the set of bones, the skeleton, same way the plinth or the skeleton of development is the process of construction. And construction is nothing but a churn of building materials processed via technology with respect to a plan. On a general note, the category ‘building materials’ is defined as any type of material used for construction based activities.

Be it the domestic building and construction segment or the commercial construction based development sector, building materials & building products have a major ‘say’ in everything construction. Some commonly used building materials are listed as follows:

* Cement
* Bricks
* Doors & windows
* Tiling and flooring
* All types of glass requirements
* Iron
* Steel
* Marble, granite and other natural stones
* Interior decoration
* Paints, coatings etc.
* Kitchen appliances
* Pipes, fittings and tubing
* Electrical
* Exterior decorations
* Bathroom and toilet fittings

Many classifications also consider furniture and furnishings a part of building material segment. Apart from this, there is a big list of customizations which are often clubbed as ‘miscellaneous building materials.’ Cement and bricks (even cement bricks) are the most important and widely used materials taking a good percentage of construction cost. Bricks laden with cement are used for the walls of any type of construction, inside out.

Same holds true of steel which is used in pillars on a large scale. Iron is also an integrated component of the construction sector. Later, tiles, floors and other flooring solutions provide the base on which the construction will stand. Marble, granite and other types of natural and synthetic stones are also clubbed for flooring of rooms, passages, patios etc. along with the segment of kitchen countertops as well.

In fact, even if granite is not used anywhere during the construction process, there is a good chance that it would be used for kitchen countertops at least. Then, doors and windows have their significance combined with aluminum shafts holding them. Post the first leg of construction, first the plumbing based piping and then the electrical based piping systems hold ground for proper distribution of water and electricity. Plastic in various forms like PVC often gets overlooked but is used extensively during these middle stages of construction.

Next in line are the fittings for the bathrooms and toilets and then the paints and coats. Interior and exterior decoration accessories are often not considered a part of building products/materials but many building manuals do include these. In actual, cement is used during every stage of construction based activity. Because it directly concerns with the housing sector, the most important aspect of building materials’ segment is quality.

Building products are required in multiple quantities; their commercial angle offers a good scope of discounts. Still, a major part of the ‘user base’ prefers brands to local made building material products. There are various brands offering building products, materials and accessories accommodating a host of B2B and B2C level distributions (of these accessories) via stockists, retailers, wholesalers etc.

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