Sewing Machine Models And Repairing Services

Press Release   •   Aug 21, 2012 15:31 IST

Sewing machines changed the process of stitching with heir invention during the Industrial Revolution. Over all these years, these machines have evolved in terms of sizes, features and functionality to entertain different types of requirements. It is important to note that no two customers may have the similar needs to buy a sewing machine.

The demand has been instigated by the manufacturers who launch new and better sewing machine models in the market. You can choose different models for your store to attract more number of customers. At the same time, you can make additional profits by offering repair services to your customers. The information below shall help you in this.

Types of Sewing Machines :

Mechanical: Also known as manual sewing machines, these are still used by people in the rural areas. These are the simplest designs and are least expensive as well.

Electronic: These were designed to improve the speed of stitching and reduce the number of human efforts. Instead of manually operated turning wheels, these machines have buttons that guide them to perform desired functions.

Computerized: Fitted with microprocessors to create a huge variety of patterns, a computerized sewing machine is the most advanced model of all. These machines make stitching even faster, though they are the most expensive ones.

Sewing Machine Models:

Sewing machine models may differ in a number of ways. For instance, there are different machines that support one, two or multiple stitching styles. Other models have features that allow the users to perform embroidery and other works. Based on the types of threads used, there are different models available with the manufacturer. Also, the models differ in supporting different types of fabrics and materials, from cotton to leather.

A sewing machine manufactured for home usage differs from those used at commercial places and in industries. Your store may be visited by the buyers from all these segments and you can serve them with the best by maintaining the best quality models in each category. Finally, you must look for branded sewing machines form the top manufacturers located in different regions of the world. It is not difficult these days to obtain sewing machines from other countries with increased presence of manufacturers and suppliers online.

Repairing Services:

Sewing machines may develop defects in a number of ways. Apart from basic maintenance, you can offer repair services like replacement of bent or broken needles; correction of inconsistent stitching and removal of unpleasant clunking noises. Fabric houses and industrial units may need your services to tune-up their machines after regular intervals of time. For this, you must either learn different repair techniques or hire and expert for your store.

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