Significance of Digital Temperature Controllers

Press release   •   Mar 03, 2012 15:01 IST

Temperature controllers are found in most of the devices used in homes and offices. It is present in water heaters, room heaters, air conditioners, furnaces, refrigerators and so forth. These controllers are essential to maintain a specific temperature. Most of these devices are specifically designed to maintain a particular value.

The use of temperature controller was evolved in the mid 70s to control the consumption of electrical power in the buildings. This specific type of controller was modified as it included various flaws. Today digital controllers are widely used to control the environment in offices, homes and commercial centers.

Control of Heating Systems with Digital Controllers

Digital controllers function by controlling the environment of the building. These controllers use microprocessor technology to control the heating and cooling processes in the building. The technology involves the use of specific software that functions to control the environment. If the environment in the building is too cold, it heats up immediately. It also cools the environment of the building if the heat is above the preset limit.

These digital controllers function in a particular manner. The temperature of the building is compared to the preset value. If both these readings do not tally, the system sends specific signals to control the environment of the building. These direct control systems propel the fans to move faster on a very hot day. The control systems are apt to report alarms and function according to the changing environment.

Types of Digital Temperature Controllers

There are mainly two types of digital controllers-open loop and the closed loop. The open loop digital controller heats and cools the environment without considering the existing temperature of the building. It is an older version of digital controllers.

The latest version of the digital controllers includes the closed loop system. These controllers are more efficient as it controls the environment according to the preset value.

More about Digital Temperature Controllers

Most of the solar heaters include digital controllers to control the heating system. These controllers are quite essential to maintain a particular preset value in the buildings. Modern heating systems are inbuilt with digital controllers. Different varieties of heating systems with digital controllers are available in many of the online and offline stores at attractive prices.

The digital controllers are very effective as it includes digital LED displays and bi-directional switches. These controllers are known to be quite versatile as it can be used for a wide variety of applications. The functionality of various machines can be improved with the use of digital controllers.

Over the years, digital controllers have undergone several alterations to suit different requirements. Some of these controllers included weather proof and flame proof enclosures. These controllers included LED panels with push buttons that can be operated without opening the enclosures.

Modern digital controllers have a number of specific features such as waterproof panels, selection of Celsius and Fahrenheit, compressor, power supply, restart delay and so forth. Due its immense functionalities, these controllers are widely used in many fields including plastic production, pharmaceutical companies and food industries.

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