Significant Role Of Three Wheelers In Indian Auto Industry

Press Release   •   Dec 30, 2013 11:11 IST

The Indian auto industry is one of the most substantial industries in the country which contributes to the revenue of the country. There is a huge demand for auto parts and components in India. A huge variety of components are produced for two wheelers, three wheelers and four wheelers. The auto industry is flourishing largely in the country due to several reasons.

Present Scenario of Three Wheeler Industry:

Auto rickshaws are used largely for commercial transportation in the country. Majority of the people use autos as a medium of transportation as it is quick and affordable. It is easy to travel using these means of transport. Majority of the middle class people utilize this reliable mode of transport to travel to work places everyday. Auto rickshaws ensure smooth and easy connectivity through majority of the congested roads in the country.

It is one of the best alternatives to private vehicles as it helps to bridge the gap between public transportation and other services. A significant portion of the Indian urban population relies on autos. With the increase in population, the amount of people who depend on this affordable means of transportation tends to increase simultaneously. The affordability, reliability and effectiveness of the auto industry are quite commendable.

Auto rickshaws play a vital role in urban transportation system in India as it offers an affordable and integrated transport system to the public. Moreover, this unique transportation system is one of the best means of livelihood for low income and uneducated people.

With the use of auto rickshaws, there has been a great revolutionary change in the auto industry in the country. Today, there are more than a million autos in the country which function efficiently to transport people from one location to another.

Most of the rural and urban banks offer motor loans which has further facilitated in the increase of auto rickshaws in the country. Although these efficient means of transport is widely used in the country, it is quite polluting and noisy. However, with the use of electrical conversion kits, auto rickshaws can use electrical batteries instead of fuel. This will facilitate in reducing the pollution and overall cost.

With the constant increase in the prices of gas, electrically powered autos will be considered as more affordable, quick and efficient. It is also considered to be environment friendly. This is a new revolutionary project which will assist auto drivers in many ways. As a substantial part of the automobile industry includes three wheelers, converting it into electrically powered vehicles is a revolutionary move.

Today, it is possible to buy auto parts from many of the online stores at various price rates. Some of the most reputed online dealers and suppliers offer a huge variety of automobile parts and accessories at affordable price rates. It is easy to find accessories of different automobile parts in the online stores.

Some of the dealers offer automobile parts at discounted prices if it is bought in bulk amount. Customers can also choose the products from the company websites which are listed online.

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