Simple Steps to Repair a Water Chiller

Press release   •   Mar 22, 2012 12:44 IST

Water chiller is one of the most essential and useful machines required in every home, office, commercial centers, hospitals and other places. It is quite indispensable during summer seasons. With prolonged usage, coolers or chillers are prone to various problems which can cause leakages, cooling problems, odd taste in water, blocked spouts and so forth.

However, these issues can be rectified easily if the cause of the problem is identified. Chillers can be repaired at home quite easily with the right guidelines.

Tips To Repair a Water Chiller

It is quite important to maintain your chiller so that it lasts for a longer period of time. Regular maintenance will give a better understanding of the different components in the cooler. This will further help to rectify the issues of the components easily. By following the below mentioned tips, you can easily repair your water chiller.

Identify the problem: The first and the foremost step include identifying the underlying problem with the cooler or chiller. It is easier to rectify a problem when it is identified accurately.

Check the Freon levels: The next step involves checking the Freon levels in the chiller. If the cooler does not provide chilled water as before, it is best to check the Freon levels. Professional help is required to refill the Freon if there are issues with the Freon levels in the cooler. It is important to allow only legally certified personnel to repair the Freon in the chiller.

Reset the cooler: Check the cooling capacity of the water chiller and reset it for better and improved performance. To reset the cooler, drain a few glasses of water from both the cold and hot ends of the cooler. Turn off all the switches at the back of the cooler and leave the cooler unplugged for 24 hours. Plug in the cooler after 24 hours and turn on all the switches. Wait for five hours before using the cooler.

Check the coils: The coils in the cooler should also be checked regularly. The coils need to be cleaned often so that the coolers function appropriately.

Clean the cooler: Coolers should be cleaned once in every six months. Coolers must be sanitized to avoid the growth of mild dews and molds. Molds can block the flow of water and cause bad taste. Therefore chillers must be cleaned thoroughly to avoid problems.

Check the components regularly: It is also necessary to check the components of the cooler regularly to ensure proper functioning of the chiller. Replace malfunctioning parts with new spare parts to improve the functions of the chiller. Changing the spare parts is one of the easiest ways to repair a chiller.

Different types of chillers are available in the markets today. Stainless steel chillers or coolers are one of the most popular varieties of coolers available in most of the online stores. With so many varieties available in the online stores at various price rates, choosing the most appropriate cooler, for home or office use, is no longer a difficult task.

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