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Sizzle Media Refurbishes its Website Decor for a Faster Browsing

Press Release   •   Aug 23, 2012 11:29 IST

The Manchester-based venerated SEO service provider, Sizzle Media has remodeled its website for a refreshing new look. The company that has served thousands of corporate clients has changed the entire layout of the website to ensure that visitors, enquires and clients have a much faster browsing experience. The present website design is highly ergonomic, with intuitive placement of tabs and sections. The pay monthly websites service provider has particularly ensured through the website draft that users do not have to chase around the pages to find a specific service.

Orderly arranged on the basis of the popularity of the services, visitors can have access to both service literature and their rates through minimum clicks. To be a little explicit about the blueprint of the site, the company flaunts its recently handled project on the top right of the page, so as to build a positive impression with its commendable records, before a visitor moves to seeking the services. In a cartoony, beguiling slideshow, the company’s services are highlighted on the space beside this section. With a limited use of bright colors and funny imageries, the web design Manchester company has indeed done an appreciable job in synchronizing all its offerings in a passively promotional manner.

Tagged to the right-hand side of the site is the tab of enquiry form, sticking out of the ivory white page in a stark blue color. This commands greater attention of the seekers, as the color can be easily located without searching. The entire hue of the page has been kept as neutral as possible, with tangerine tabs  with a touch of black so that the contrast serves the purpose of hooking easy attention. The pay monthly websites service is a relatively new inclusion in the company’s list of services. Sizzle Media is an award-winning  company that has been placed among the top hundred RAR agencies of 2011. Current and previous projects accomplished by the company are featured in the Portfolio webpage for public viewing.

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