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SMART SOLAR (Network Monitoring, Meter Data Management, Analytics, SCADA, Remote Metering, Asset Management) - Projected to Scale-Up Solar Renewable Solar Energy by 2023

Press Release   •   Feb 10, 2017 17:36 IST

SMART Solar is an innovative solution that enables our solar products to be controlled and monitored remotely. With SMART Solar, BBOXX can extend the life of the battery, improve the experience for the user, and offer superior customer service.  Smart Solar has a long heritage in the design and manufacture of high quality solar powered lighting. Smart Solar - This technology helps to insert ‘smartness’ in existing solar energy systems. Smart grids improve operational activities of individual devices and solar installations. Smart solar systems assist in reduction of maintenance costs, stability of grid supply, optimization of performance and appropriate computing of distribution system.

The major components of smart solar system consist of smart metering devices, smart grids, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, radio frequency identification (RFID), Network Monitoring, Meter Data Management, Analytics and some others. These components assist in the processes of automated meter reading, energy monitoring as well as managing and analysing energy production and consumption. Smart solar application is used for heating, cooling, producing steam, electricity and various other industrial, commercial and residential purposes.

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Today’s global smart solar market is worth more than USD 7 billion and expected to grow around USD 16 billion till 2023. The introduction of improved technology is increasing the adoption of smart solar components, solutions and services across various verticals. There is a common objective of energy preservation, green energy adoption and pollution control on a global scale. These common intentions and concerns are increasing usage of smart solar technology as well as a shift to traditional solar energy systems as a whole.