Smoke Detectors Functions and Safety Tips

Press release   •   Mar 31, 2012 14:29 IST

Smoke detector is one of the most effective and useful devices that help to protect your home from fire. This unique device sends an alarm when it detects smoke or fire. Today, alarms are installed in majority of the homes and commercial centers. Most of the accidental deaths at home are caused due to the outbreak of fire. Without the presence of an alarm, it is difficult to know the outbreak of fire in any part of your home. These alarms provide life saving warnings which help the residents to evacuate in time.

Different types of smoke detectors are available these days. Most of these detectors are inexpensive. There are both battery operated detectors and electrical detectors available in most of the shops. The battery operated alarms are cheaper compared to the electrical devices.

Types and Functions

There are mainly two types of detectors or alarms, the photoelectric alarms and the ionization alarms. The photoelectric alarms are quite expensive compared to the other types of alarms. The photoelectric alarms help to detect small fires. The ionization alarms detect flaming fires more easily and it is comparatively cheaper. However, photoelectric alarms are installed near kitchens and bathrooms as it is less sensitive to the smoke particles and steam. Irrespective of the type of smoke detector, it is quite important to maintain these detectors so that it functions appropriately.

Alarms which are powered by electrical circuits require back-up batteries so that it functions when there is power outage. It is important to install detectors or alarms at appropriate positions in your home. It is necessary to install detectors in every floor of your home. Most of the homes have more than one or two alarms.

There should be a detector in every bedroom and near to kitchens so that it is easy to hear them. Detectors can be installed on the ceilings and walls. Alarms should never be installed in areas which are prone to extreme heat or cold as it can cause malfunctions in the detectors. It is also important not to install alarms near fire places and windows. Detectors should also be installed at the bottom of the stairwells. It is pertinent to install a smoke sensor outside every sleeping area in your home.

Safety Tips

Although majority of the homes have alarms and sensors, nearly half of these alarms function accurately. Maintenance is equally important for the alarms to function appropriately. As most of the alarms are powered by batteries, it is important to check the power of the batteries once in a month. The batteries need to be changed once in a year. Alkaline batteries need to be used in the alarms so that it functions appropriately.

It is necessary to test these detectors to ensure that it functions properly. Regular cleaning of the detectors is also equally important. Dust and dirt tend to be accumulated on the alarms. It can clog the vents of the detectors causing it to malfunction.

Smoke detectors are known to act as the first defense against fire and save lives. It is important to test and clean them periodically to ensure the safety of your family.

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