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Software for Material Planning

Press Release   •   Feb 04, 2016 10:34 IST

Today majority of the organizations, especially in the manufacturing sector and companies in the Oil and Gas industry are looking for an ERP system that has been tightly and efficiently integrated with a Material Planning module. Time has been evolved from ERP for MRP or Material Resource Planning to ERP for Manufacturing with the Material Planning as a important module.

Organizations use Material Planning as a strategy in lean manufacturing, where only the necessary level of inventory is maintained for just-in-time manufacturing. To be successful, lean manufacturing requires constant attention to detail and automation at the right points in the supply chain to ensure high levels of efficiency. These capabilities are where Material Planning excels. ERP Material Planningsystem can be extensively used in many verticals including manufacturing and other project-based industries such as Construction and Infrastructure as well as Oil and Gas industry. One facet of ERP that it has the potential to create great efficiencies for a company is material requirements planning (MRP). Material Planning is the part of ERP that deals specifically with the control and management of manufacturing inventories and the products produced by those inventories.

One of the primary functions of ERP for Material Planning is to assist in accurate material forecasting. This requires integration with manufacturing activities, such as inventory levels, production schedules, and customer demand. The eresource ERP takes all these aspects of manufacturing, combined with a few others such as inventory lead times, and then forecasts the level at which inventory should be purchased and manufactured. This helps ensure that customer demand is realized and that out-of-stock situations are reduced. For details: