Solar Heating Systems-Efficient Use of Nature’s Blessings

Press Release   •   Oct 27, 2010 12:57 IST

Today’s fast paced technological developments have bestowed many boons to the world and one of them is the solar heating systems. People all over the world have begun to recognise the multiple benefits of using these heating systems.

Though the solar heating systems have been in use since many years, most of the people find it more beneficial now as it has many enhanced features which make it easier to operate and use.

What exactly are Solar Heating Systems?

The solar heating systems use solar energy from the sun for heating purposes. These systems are used to heat water or your entire home. It is considered one of the cheapest methods of heating. It is also safe to use energy from the sun as it does not emit any harmful gases like carbon dioxide while heating up.

Compared to electric power, using these heating systems is cost effective. There is hardly any cost involved except the initial cost of installing the heaters in your home. With the use of these heating systems, you hardly have to depend on gas supplies and electricity. Moreover, you can save the costs of electricity bills.

These heating systems are preferred by most of the people because it is environment friendly and safe to use. It does not emit any sort of poisonous gas nor is there a danger of explosion.

There are actually two types of solar heating systems mainly the active and passive systems. The active heating system collect the solar energy from the collectors installed on the roof of the houses and transfer it through pipes containing either water or air into the home. This energy is used up to heat water or to heat the entire home.

The passive heating systems are less used as the process involves transmitting the energy through the roofs and walls. It is usually used to heat just water and not the entire home. Tanks are placed on roof tops which are capable of absorbing heat and the heated water is transferred to the homes.

Solar Heating Systems as Efficient as Electric Heaters

Though solar energy is utilised for heating purpose, the efficiency of these heaters is nevertheless quite high. These heaters are capable of heating your entire home irrespective of its size. However, it is important to choose the right size of panels to suit your home. If the size of your home is enormous, the size of the panels should be equivalently large to obtain maximum effect. The heating systems can also be used to heat your swimming pool in addition to your entire home.

Most of the homes install solar water heater which is equally effective and cost efficient. There are many types of water heaters which can be installed on your roofs. Depending on the location of your home, the availability of sunlight and the climatic conditions you can decide the type and size of your heating system.

Solar heating systems are available in many online stores. You can easily purchase a heating system that suits your home requirements and help save cost and the environment.

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