Solar Water Heater-Natural Way to Heat Water

Press Release   •   Nov 16, 2010 14:56 IST

Conventional water heater has been replaced by solar water heater in most of the homes today. There are many advantages of using heaters powered by the sun. These heaters are the most effective way to heat water for various domestic purposes.

The Way It Works

The solar water heater comprises of solar collectors and storage tanks. The working process of these heaters is quite simple. The solar collector or panels are installed on the roofs of the homes which collect the heat from the sun and transfer it to the pipes containing water and heating it in the process. The hot water is then stored in the storage tanks.

In the case of conventional water heaters, electricity or gas is required to heat the water whereas the solar water heater requires none of these to heat water.

The solar water heater is mainly on of two types-the active water heaters and the passive water heaters. The active water heaters can be used in any type of climate including freezing temperatures. These heaters use fluids and pipes to heat the water. The passive water heaters are also known as Integral Collector Storage or ICS. Water is stored in the storage tank and it is painted black so as to absorb the heat of the sun rays. The heated water is then pushed through pipes into homes.

Before choosing a solar water heater it is important to understand the basic functions of the heater and which type of heater is appropriate for your home. The geographical location should also be considered before installing a water heater. You will need to install solar panels according to the size of your home as a big home will require more panels to heat the water and vice versa.

Solar water heater can also be bought through various online stores which offer varieties at affordable rates. You can easily choose the right water heater that suits the climatic conditions and your budget. Though the instalment of solar heater is quite expensive, it is much more affordable compared to the electric and gas heaters.

Basic Advantages of Using Solar Water Heater

In comparison to the conventional heaters, these heaters are much more cost efficient as it requires natural resources for heating purpose, i.e. the sun. Thereby most of the consumers are able to save the cost of electricity and gas charges.

The water heaters powered by the sun can be used to heat water in homes where there is shortage of electricity and gas supply. Yet another greatest advantage of using these heaters is that it is environment friendly. It does not emit any kind of poisonous gas while heating water.

Unlike the conventional heaters, these heaters are more durable and last longer.

However, proper maintenance is required to ensure efficient functioning of the heaters. It is best preferred to have a professional to install the heaters in your home. Though passive systems require less maintenance, the active systems require maintenance for proper and smooth functioning. Due to its efficiency and reliability, the solar water heater is used by millions all over the world.

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