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Solar Water Heater Solution Par Convenience

Press Release   •   Nov 25, 2011 17:18 IST

The conventional solutions have been serving us for a good number of years, but with limited resources, the important thing is to use the reserves for the basic purposes while technology continues to look for newer horizons. And with green being the latest black, there are many alternatives, some offering a better set of services than conventional ones; solar heaters being one of them. Solar water heater have been since a long time, though their relevance in today’s era of depleting resources has made waves.

A general classification of the solar water heating segment is – passive and active, where the former uses architectural designs for pumping water while the latter uses a direct pump. A general working of solar heaters consists of 2 main components viz a pump and a storage tank and a collector in cases of active solar heating.

Solar water heating is the concept of utilizing solar energy (via the Sun) to heat water, for storage and distribution purposes. In terms of commercial aspects, solar heating can be implemented not only for domestic water heating (home based) and commercial water heating (swimming pool heating etc.) but also for the large scale generation of electricity. Following are the justifications for the question “why to go for a solar water heater?”

* As the source aka the Sun is offering free and natural plethora of supply, you save a good amount on energy utilization as compared to the usage of conventional energy resources like electricity, gas etc. With depleting resources, the cost of energy has increased periodically, so savings get highlighted in ‘upper case’ in the solar heating scenario. Arid areas offer even heavier amount of savings.

* Monthly heating costs would reduce not only due to less amount of energy being used, but also on installation, re-issuance etc. LPG is still used by a good number of folks, and cylinders require changing periodically which makes it a bit inconvenient; with solar water heating, this periodic annoyance is cut-off.

* Last, but the most important advantage is the green advantage. A general 4 person family can save anything north of 3 tones of greenhouse laden gas emissions. Using solar energy in any of its form like solar water heater, solar geysers, solar pumping etc. is like giving something back to the society.

* In addition, many conferences, government agencies and environmental federations have put forth applications for incentives and tax rebates on solar energy utilization, so there is a good chance that many state agencies might start these reservations in some years.

Apart from these reasons for saying ‘yes’ to a solar water heater, a major breakthrough is the tremendous research going in. Solar energy tapping is still taking baby steps, so over the years, not only the technology would support the working more conveniently, but solar energy utilization will impact more energy and more dollar savings.

Taking about options, apart from the general flat plate solar water heater, there are many other combinations of effectiveness and over-the-time cost saving systems like thermosyphon systems, ICS systems, evacuated-tube solar collectors, Direct Open Loop Circulation Systems, Drainback Systems and so on. So, with discounts, technological advances, scope and many options to choose from, the solar water heater segment is here to stay.

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