sony ericsson bluetooth headset price and features

Press Release   •   Aug 29, 2012 16:00 IST

If you're someone who regularly finds them driving, or cycling, or skiing, or cooking, or cleaning, or doing anything - for that matter - which requires your hands and at least a portion of your concentration, then you'll know the value of a Bluetooth headset. But in the more energetic of the aforementioned pursuits, you'll find that a regular old one-eared headset won't do. They fall out. The last thing you want that little bit of expensive plastic to do is fall out. Enter Sony Ericsson Bluetooth headset MW600 - a teeny-tiny device with a big clip that lets you turn any pair of headphones into a Bluetooth headset. But is it worth shelling out your hard-earned cash for? Do you really need the MW600 in your life?

Look down at your little finger on your left hand. The MW600 is about the same size as that. It has a clip on the back that reaches two-thirds of the way down, and an OLED display on the front. The top has a headphone jack, the bottom has a Micro-USB socket, and there's power, call, volume and music controls scattered all over. Pairing is simple and quick - when you turn the device on it'll automatically start searching. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone - or any other A2DP device and you should spot MW600 in the list of things to connect to. Select it, and you should be paired - it's that easy. Once you're paired, plug in your favourite pair of headphones - anything with a 3.5mm headphone jack will work - and you're good to go. A microphone on the device itself will allow you to chat away to anyone on the phone, and you'll look like you're an insane person, talking to yourself, when you're walking down the street.

The fact you can use your own headphones - or even speakers - is an absolute godsend. Too often we've struggled with the fit of Bluetooth headset, and the option to switch from a tiny headset to a whopping great pair of cans at will is very welcome. Sound quality was impressive, with all the detail in the sound coming through warmly. If you've got a Sony Ericsson phone, you'll be able to send song info to the screen of the device, but most smartphones should also allow you to skip tracks and do voice commands too, albeit with a little bit of delay between you pressing the button and it actually carrying out the action.

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