Sony Xperia Sola offers wonderful features

Press release   •   Dec 20, 2012 14:57 IST

If you really love the Xperia series, get another one as Sony Xperia Sola is here to give an offer to its customers. Sony has never failed to give something new every time and this time too, it has offered some great features with the new Sola version. Sony really stands as one of the leading makers of mobiles in Asian and worlds market and thus when new models are launched, the expectations are high from Sony. Now Sony has taken a look it seems from the predecessors of this model and thus, Sony has offered a nearly fault-free Android version of smart phone. The inside has more specifications as Sony has used some wonderfully featured specifications. The OS being kept Android with its newer version, the 1 GHz processor with Nova Thor U8500 chip is really good in its performance. An overview of Sony Sola performance on the basis of OS and more like that of the connectivity and display are nearly getting free from faults that threatened earlier versions for a market fall. Sony Xperia Sola gives all that is necessary to make a great connection. In the line it has got 2G, 3G, EDGE, Wi-Fi and more. The WLAN and Wi-Fi hotspot are generally supporting the system to achieve more featured varieties of connectivity support.

Feature from Sony Xperia Sola: Based on Android 2.3 version of the Gingerbread session, the phone allows wonderful functional support to the customers. The OS is not the only thing that can surprise us with the phone particularly with this price tag. It has got support from the GPU-400 Graphics Enhancer. Though the TFT screen allows users to get exotic display functions, but looking at the User Interface, it can be said there is hardly anything new added to it. The graphical presentation is high but as the interface support is lower than expected, the Sola version has got a problem. The sound system is highly developed not only with the 3.5 mm jack headphones, but with new sounding techniques to support the whole system. Sony Xperia Sola has 5MP camera with great zoom technology. The back camera too has got 12x zoom which is more than ever thought of. The cameras swing to action in the quickest possible time and with the performance base, it has more acceptable features than the Tipo versions of course. The qualities of pictures and the videos shoot at 720 HD can surely be one of the nicest ones in smart phone of this range as Sony Xperia Sola price is set at INR 15690.

Mobile phone prices in India: India has got a huge market for mobile phones. The range of mobile phone prices can vary from less than INR 1200 to more than INR 30000.

If you really need mobile now, get the smart phone from Sony and enjoy

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