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South East Bouncy Castle Comes up with New Batch of Fun Games

Press Release   •   Feb 12, 2013 11:50 IST

The bouncy castles are great fun at any party, and the bouncy castle hire agencies are going out of their way to make sure that they are able to tap into the great demand for the inflatables. The South East Bouncy Castle hire company is also not behind in the race at all; it is doing its best to ensure that your parties are as fun as they can get with every kind of inflatable that you might need to make the event all the more attractive and memorable. The bouncy castle hire Hoddesdon agency has recently branched out to include some delightful party additions to its repertoire; these party objects are bound to make your get together and absolutely memorable success. Not all of these objects are inflatables either; a major share of this section is games that are designed to engage children and adults alike.

The South East Bouncy Castle hire Company has currently introduced a new batch of party games that can be booked in addition to the inflatables for the party or separately on their own as well. The repertoire includes the Garden Limbo game with an inflatable at the bottom to help the users jump higher to get to the overhanging pole. For those kids that are too young to hang on to the bar, just jumping up and down on the pole provides ample enjoyment. There are also the Garden Skittles that you can hire to make the party a lot more fun for the adolescents and the young adults alike; they will enjoy the bowling alley experience with the pins and the balls ready for playing. You can also choose the real, tangible version of the highly popular Connect Four game, stylised by the agency as the Connect Four Garden Game.

All the games available with South East Bouncy Castle Hire Company, a bouncy castle hire Hoddesdon agency, can be booked separately or as a part of the package order of inflatables. The best part about these games is that they can be enjoyed as much by adults as kids, and they are all available at a nominal price.

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