South Korea, Indonesia and Japan Leading Convenience Store Growth

Press Release   •   Jun 07, 2013 12:06 IST

With the growing acceptance of modern retailing formats in various Asian countries, there has been a displacement of the unorganized retail format. Various retailers have spruced up their investment in the modern retailing formats to capture a wider market share. This has led to an increase in the number of convenience stores across these countries. According to a new report by RNCOS “Asian Convenience Store Market Outlook 2015”, the expansion of convenience stores in these countries have been fuelled by changing lifestyle of people and growing hectic schedules leading to time crunches for basic errands, thus making one stop shopping centers widely popular among people.

South Korea has been experiencing a fast growth in convenience store outlets on the back of affluent youngsters, attractive tourism pattern, rising income level, and high-consumer spending backing the growth. In Japan, major players have adopted strategies like franchising agreements to increase the number of stores to capture a large consumer base. These players have also invested in increasing the number of services being provided by the convenience stores to achieve differentiation. Further, in Indonesia, many foreign players are entering the convenience store space, making the domestic players to expand their network of operation to unexplored cities in the country.

The report “Asian Convenience Store Market Outlook 2015” by RNCOS has provided a detailed overview of the Asian convenience store industry. It has provided the market forecasts of the retail sales till 2015 for major Asian countries. Further, it has also highlighted the share of key players in convenience store industry in each country along with their number of outlets. A detailed outlook of industry trends has also been provided to project a clearer picture of the industry. In addition, the report has also provided a brief insight about the major players in the Asian convenience store industry along with their recent developments, to track the rapid changes taking place in the industry.

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