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Sports & Energy Drinks Market by Types, Ingredients, Distribution Channels, End-Users & Top Brands Trends and Global Forecasts (2011 - 2016)

Press Release   •   Nov 16, 2011 14:53 IST

The sports drinks, energy drinks, and nutraceutical drinks form a part of functional drinks; which comes under soft drinks. Sports and energy drinks are very different beverage choices that should be assessed and marketed differently and hence are described separately in the report. Sports and energy drinks differ in their functionality as well. Sports drinks are meant to replenish the fluid lost during exercise or any physical activity; whereas energy drinks are to give you a boost of energy. The report provides full analysis of the world's leading sports and energy drinks brands and markets, with clear insight and market commentary on the main developments and trends. A chronology of developments by region is also covered, ensuring the notification of the latest energy drink developments.
 Global demand for sports and energy drinks is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 10% from 2011 to 2016. Rising health awareness among consumers is playing a major role in the popularity of this beverage. Coca-Cola Company, PepsiCo Inc, GlaxoSmithKline, and Red Bull GmbH are innovating constantly and adding new products to this niche segment. The industry is experimenting with products such as sugar-free or light drinks to attract female consumers. The market is expected to grow as new formulations are launched. Sports and Energy Drinks Market research report segments the global market of sports and energy drinks on the basis of products, major players, and geographies with market dynamics for macro and micro segments. Revenue is forecasted for the market with an in-depth analysis of emerging trends and wining imperatives for the major players in the industry. market research reports
 With the huge market potential and the growing preference, the market is likely to witness considerable growth in the years to come. The market is anticipated to continue penetrating the untapped markets and older population. The growth of the market is also largely attributed to the developments such as the incorporation of the organic and natural ingredients. The varieties of sports and energy drinks containing organic or natural ingredients are increasing continually at present.
 This report focuses on global sports and energy drinks market. This research categorizes the global sports and energy drinks market on the basis of types, end-users, ingredients, geography, top brands, and distribution channel.
 On the basis of geography:
 North America (U.S.)
 Europe (U.K.)
 Asia- Pacific (Japan)
 On the basis of top brands:
 Sports drinks
 Energy drinks
 Red Bull
 On the basis of distribution channel:
 Off-premise (Off-trade)
 Convenience stores
 Mass merchandisers
 Drug stores
 On-premise (On-trade)
 Food service/sports nutrition chain
 The report discusses sports and energy drinks market as follows:
 Sports drinks types: (isotonic sports drinks, hypertonic sports drinks, and hypotonic sports drinks)
 Sports drinks end-users: (sportsman/athletes and casual sports drink users)
 Sports drinks ingredients: (electrolytes, carbohydrates, sodium, sugar, preservatives, B-Vitamin, citric acid, and others)
 Energy drinks types: (alcoholic energy drinks and non-alcoholic energy drinks)
 Energy drinks end users: (kids/teenagers, adults and geriatrics)
 Energy drinks ingredients: (caffeine, taurine, guarana, B vitamins, ginseng, ginkgo biloba, L-Carnitine, sugars, antioxidants, and others)
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