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Steps Involved in Setting up a Small Business

Press Release   •   Aug 08, 2012 16:36 IST

It is easy to have an idea about the rising success of small businesses from any business directory online. In the countries like India, individuals and groups are setting up small and medium sized businesses in different sectors. This involves Indian exporters, manufacturers, suppliers and service providers.

At the other end of these online business directories are the buyers from various domestic and foreign markets who wish to open stores to sell the products and services. As a result, a huge number of small business opportunities remain accessible to the willing entrepreneurs. However, only correct steps can help in successful setup of a small business.

Available Opportunities
To begin with, you must look for available opportunities in different sectors to choose an option matching your skills and interests. The best thing to do is contact the Indian exporters and avail information various products and services in demand. At the same time, survey your own region to have an idea about the expectations of the end-buyers. You may start a manufacturing unit to produce products or a store to sell the finished goods.

Create a Business Plan
Once you choose an opportunity, the next important step is to create a business plan. This should include the exact idea about the infrastructure you require; needed capital and business site or location. Another important thing is the audience you wish to target through your business. Remember that accurate planning is critical to follow the steps further.

Arrange for Finance
After you create a business plan, you should have an approximate idea about the capital required to start the business. In addition, you should be ready with the idea about monthly expenses. This calls the need to arrange for adequate amount of funds. You may think of borrowing from someone or to obtain a small business loan or grant.

Complete Legal Formalities
Name your business and get it registered with the concerned authorities in your region. Decide whether you wish to have a limited liability company, partnership or sole proprietorship status for your business. Another recommended step is to obtain insurance cover for your business.

Building Online Presence
In today’s times, it is very important to have a business website and you should not delay this step. The next big step is to market your business online and attain exposure for it. A business directory can help you in this direction, as these online marketplaces help the small and medium sized businesses to gain exposure beyond geographical boundaries. Moreover, you can regularly update your business catalogues on these directories and can promote your business at very affordable prices.

Finding Indian exporters, suppliers and other groups of individuals is also possible with these directories. Networking is very important to help the business expand. You should be concerned to keep in contact with suppliers and exporters from different parts of the world.

After setting up the small business following the above steps, next you need to pay attention towards account management and profit management. Keep an eye on the market forces to offer the best prices to your business buyers.

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