Stop Underarm Sweat Without Medicine And Stay Fresh

Press release   •   Apr 08, 2013 16:41 IST

Sweating is a normal process through which body gets relieved from toxins and poisons getting deposited in the body. In fact it is very necessary for a healthy body but at the same time excess of sweating can create troubles. And armpit is an area prone to excessive sweating. Armpit sweat needs to be controlled because it tends to leave embarrassing stains on the clothes. There can be many reasons responsible for excessive sweating; it can be due to some disorder or sickness also. Here are some of the natural ways to get rid of armpit sweats.

Deodorant And Antiperspirant:

Deodorant is primarily used to stop embarrassing wetness. Do not interchange deodorant with antiperspirant as both of them perform different function. Deodorant helps in getting rid of odour and deodorant lowers down the volume of sweating.

Loose Cotton Clothes:

Loose cotton clothes does not stop sweating, But they can save you from the embarrassing situation wherein your armpit sweat is visible to other. If your clothing is tight, sweat would stick to your clothing and would make it more visible. So prefer to wear loose clothing in summer days.

Under Shirt:

You can opt to wear under shirt or an extra T-shirt also. Through this way you will have a protection before the sweat is absorbed by your outer clothes. This will not let the sweat to reach your outer clothes.

Talcum Powder:

If sweating problem is leaving stains on your clothing, first apply deodorant and then talcum powder in your underarm area. Talcum powder is a natural absorbent. It will naturally absorb some of the moisture and will keep a control on excessive sweating.

Apple Cider Vineger:

Apple Cide Vineger can also be used as a natural way to get rid of excessive sweating. Malt Vinegar lowers the pH of armpit area, thereby killing the bacteria and not letting them flourish. For better results, you can apply it at night and wash it in the morning and then apply regular deodorant after taking bath.

Baking Soda:

If you want to make a deodorant at home, you can do that by mixing a spoonful of baking soda with some warm water and spray in some lavender and vanilla essential oils to make the scent sweet. You can put this solution in a water bottle and can use it on daily basis along with your regular deodorant.

Avoid Spicy Food:

You should stop eating spicy foods like chili and garlic because they can lead to more sweating. At the same time drinks with high caffeine should be avoided.

Oral Agents:

If sweating is getting beyond your control, oral agents prescribed by doctor can be taken. These oral anticholinergis medicines are capable of controlling the function of acetylcholine and thereby preventing stimulation of sweat glands. But these should not be taken without doctor’s prescription otherwise they can lead to undesirable effects. If you follow these natural ways, you can definitely get rid of armpit sweats and can wear your desired cloths without any fear of getting shabby sweat marks.

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