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Sunshine Snacks Launches Some Amazing Discounts on Its Products

Press Release   •   Jul 12, 2012 13:51 IST

The candy industry of the UK is on a never-stopping spree of producing new candies every day. Sunshine, a prestigious supplier of novelty and pick and mix sweets has introduced a great many offers to give the customers ample reasons to frequent their purchase. Even though X-Mas and Easters are still months away, Sunshine keeps bringing forth new offers and discounts to facilitate the buyers. This time, the £1 is what keeping it high on the list of potent pick and mix suppliers of the Greater Manchester area.

Sunshine Snacks invites its shoppers to get display tubs filled with candies and crystal dips for £1 each. Remarkably exciting, buyers will find it difficult to refuse to pick at least one of these qualities plastic-made tubs filled with mouthwatering candies. Varieties of candies available in these tubs include bonbons, jelly beans, gems, liquorice, cream rock and choco fruits. Aside tubs filled with add-ons like bubble gum dips, choco licks, lime dip, raspberry dip are also available at the same surprise-price package. Those looking for prepacks for gifting or for their children at home instead of huge pick and mix stand units can try the £1 mega prepacks.

Sunshine Snacks Ltd. offers candy filled packs of different weights, carrying assorted flavors of each type of candies  for £1. Buyers can get chocolates, fruit drops, liquirice, fizzy bottles, jelly mix, boiled sweets, toffees and choco balls in this offer. A super-saving pack comes for 89 pence only which contains an assortment of fizzy bottles. The offer comes only in a pack size of 150gms. Those meaning to exercise greater economy in their pick and mix sweets hunt will be elated to find the 59 pence, 39 pence, 29 pence and 25 pence prepacks of assorted candies. With all the money-saving offers, it seems that Sunshine Snacks Ltd. is going to capture the market throughout the year with its simply irresistible offers.

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Sunshine Snacks Ltd is a confectionery supplier that is growing at a rapid pace with its distributing kiosks opening in almost all major parts of continental UK.