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Support for device management in mobile handsets: 2008–2011 (4Q09 update)

Press Release   •   Sep 20, 2010 14:47 IST

The outlook for mobile device management (MDM) technologies is good. The results of this quarter’s study reflect the end of the slowdown that impacted the wider handset market from the end of 2008 and through the first three quarters of 2009, caused by global economic conditions.

The data from this quarter’s study shows positive quarter-on-quarter growth and year-on-year growth for penetration of FOTA, OMA CP, and OMA DM.
Our estimates show that: 129 million handsets shipped in 4Q09 supporting FOTA, 262 million handsets shipped in 4Q09 supported OMA CP, and 122 million handsets shipped in 4Q09 supported OMA DM.

By 2011 Ovum expects that MDM technology will be included in more than half of all handsets shipped, making it one of the most widely deployed mobile technologies.
Ovum estimates that at year-end 2011 shipments will reach a total of 659 million FOTA-enabled handsets (representing 53% of global shipments), 1 billion CP-enabled handsets (representing 81% of global shipments) and 580 million DM-enabled handsets (representing 47% of global shipments).

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Table Of Contents :

Executive summary
Key messages
About this study
Results of the study
Current penetration of device management technologies
Commentary on 4Q09 results
Regional differences
Comparisons by handset manufacturer
FOTA vendors
Forecast: 2009–11
Market development scenario
Ovum’s forecasts
OMA client provisioning (OMA CP)
OMA device management (OMA DM)
Firmware over-the-air update
Shipments and installed base
Changes since 4Q08 update
Historic and actual data up to 4Q09
Forecast: 2008–11
Key assumptions of the model
Critique of the methodology

List of Tables
Table 1: Global penetration of MDM functionality in handsets, 4Q09
Table 2: Market development scenario: 2009–11
Table 3: Forecasts for MDM technologies on mobile handsets (000s) – FOTA
Table 4: Forecasts for MDM technologies on mobile handsets (000s) – OMA CP
Table 5: Forecasts for MDM technologies on mobile handsets (000s) – OMA DM

List of Figures
Figure 1: OEM share of MDM shipments, 4Q09
Figure 2: OEM share of MDM installed base, 4Q09
Figure 3: FOTA client market shares, 4Q09 installed base
Figure 4: FOTA client market shares, 4Q09 shipments

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