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Surrogacy in India: Now Get Free Phone Consultation for Surrogacy Cost in India

Press release   •   Mar 06, 2015 16:10 IST

New Delhi, New Delhi (mynewsdesk) March 6, 2015 - With highly experienced IVF doctors and economical surrogacy costs, India is surging to be one of the most preferred destinations for childless couples seeking surrogacy.

"Surrogacy in India is growing almost exponentially. We have experienced a rise in enquiries from couples in the UK, USA and Australia. They seek cost information and legal guidance for various surrogacy programs," iterates Samridhi Chodha, COO,

Surrogacy involves retrieving the egg from the intending mother and/or the sperm from the intending father. Upon artificial fertilization, the embryo is implanted into a surrogate mother using the in-vitro fertilization (IVF) technique. The surrogate mother acts as the carrier of the foetus, however the baby is genetically identical to both or at least one of the intended parents.

Considering that a decision to pursue surrogacy is a very private one, has launched a free phone consultation on +91-9810670613 for couples to privately discuss the process.

"Most calls that we receive, are from couples who would like to understand the procedure, the cost and legal requirements. There is limited, legitimate information available onsurrogacy in India. So the couples are very happy about discussing the entire process with us; with complete confidentiality maintained," affirms Samridhi.

According to a survey conducted in June, 2013 by Center for Social Research, India, extraordinary technology available with the doctors and inexpensive surrogate mothers is ensuring a surrogacy boom in the country. For childless couples, the cost of engaging asurrogate mother in Indiais one-third to that in countries such as USA and UK.

"The intending parents' nationality and Indian government guidelines both need attention for a hassle-free custody of the new-born. Also, experienced IVF doctors and authentic ART banks assist in making the entire process a success," says Samridhi.

Samridhi added, "The process of surrogacy is no longer a stigma even in the Indian society. Many childless, Indian couples are resorting to surrogacy and are socially accepted."

In the year 2005, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) brought strict guidelines for reproduction assisted through surrogacy.

"The selection of a healthy surrogate mother is done by an expert medical team. The surrogate mother is nourished in a well-supported surrogate shelter for the period of pregnancy. She is bound by legal agreements before the procedure is conducted. This is very reassuring for the parents-to-be," confirms Samridhi.

With currently less known statistics, a generic report by an NGO estimated the surrogacy industry in India to be over $650 million by the end of 2015.

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