Tablet Market in India is Growing at a Significant Pace

Press release   •   May 01, 2013 15:45 IST

Introduction of tablets in the Indian consumer electronics market has initiated a new revolution in the country and has witnessed a huge demand in the market. It has emerged out to be the fastest growing consumer electronics product in the country. Many players have ventured into this segment to take advantage of the growing consumer base in the industry. According to a new report by RNCOS “Indian Consumer Electronics Market Outlook 2015”, the market has been growing on the verge of demand from various industries like education, healthcare, and the government.

The growth in the tablet market in the country has been fuelled by various factors like government purchase and increasing affordability & desirability especially among the youth. Further, the introduction of new variants at fair prices by the manufacturers has also helped in increasing the demand for tablets in the country. According to the report, the tablet market is expected to grow in the future on the back of increasing incomes and strategies adopted for deeper penetration into the market. Further, this segment is expected to be a major driving force for the Indian consumer electronics industry in the future.

The report “Indian Consumer Electronics Market Outlook 2015” by RNCOS has provided a detailed overview of the consumer electronics industry in India.  It has provided the market forecasts in volume terms for various product segments, followed by analysis of the major competitors for the same. Further, it has also given a regional analysis of some of the product segments. A detailed outlook of the future growth strategies and industry trends has also been provided to project a clearer picture of the industry. In addition, the report has also provided a brief insight of the macroeconomic factors, growth inhibitors and government regulations affecting the Industry. Moreover, several key players of the industry along with their strategies and recent developments have been identified, to track the rapid changes taking place in the industry.

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