Telemedicine Offers New Hope in Europe’s Healthcare Reform

Press Release   •   Oct 09, 2012 14:30 IST

According to a new research report by RNCOS, entitled “Global Telemedicine Market Analysis”, Europe’s healthcare is on a road to reformation due to the implementation and ongoing success of its telemedicine industry. Several promising factors, such as rapidly aging population and rising demand for home treatments are driving the growth of telemedicine in Europe. The rapid rise in its software market has also been promising and is expected to further enhance the development of telemedicine. The telemedicine market is dominant in UK, Germany and a rather unexpected Scandinavia. Amongst the therapeutic areas for telemedicine, usage for teleradiology and telecardiology applications have been found to be predominant.

Telemedicine and related applications have become the answer to curbing healthcare costs, reducing disease incidence and providing a far more efficient way towards healthcare reform. In particular, telemedicine usage shows great potential for the population aged 65 years and above. Apart from its rapid adoption in developed nations, telehealth applications in developing nations exhibit the highest scope. According to the latest research report by RNCOS entitled “Global Telemedicine Market Analysis”, the global telemedicine market has a bright future and is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 19% during 2010-2015.

The report provides an in-depth research and rational analysis of the current and expected status of the telemedicine market. It covers various telemedicine processes, such as Real-time Telemedicine, Remote Monitoring and Store-and-forward Telemedicine. It facilitates the present and future forecasts on the global telemedicine market and provides insight on the performance of various sub segments of the industry. The report also expands an overview to the emerging clinical applications in telemedicine. Detailed geographical analysis has been conducted on the key geographic segment of telemedicine and recent developments in these areas have been elaborated. Finally the key competitors have been listed to provide a holistic overview of the industry.

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