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Test Strips for Blood Glucose

Press release   •   Feb 11, 2017 14:52 IST

Regional Ambulance Service in Katowice Invites Tenders for Delivery of test strips for blood glucose meters for the Regional Ambulance Service in Katowice. The services under this assignment will generally include:Delivery of test strips for blood glucose meters for the Regional Ambulance Service in KatowiceTendersontime, a leading business leading Tender Notice Portals is the first agency to report this notification.

Section II: Object of the contract, the tender

II.1) The term of the contract

II.1.1) Title attributed to the contract by the contracting authority: Delivery of test strips for blood glucose meters for the Regional Ambulance Service in Katowice.

II.1.2) Type of contract: supplies

II.1.3) determining the object and the size or scope of the contract: 1.Przedmiotem contract is the gradual supply of test strips for blood glucose meters Glucomaxx or equivalent to the individual Ambulance Service, reporting to the Regional an ambulance in Katowice. Glucometers Glucomaxx Purchaser has currently equipped ambulances. The minimum requirements for the test strips: - strips containing the enzyme FAD-GDH, not interfering with the oxygen in the blood of a patient, - the blood sample volume needed to perform the test max. 0.5 ml - measuring time max. 5 sec - capillary suction at the top of the test strip - shelf strips from the vial min 6-MCY - part of the test strip on the outside with an automatic ejection after the measurement - which have ISO 15197: 2015 confirming the criteria regarding precision and accuracy, defined EN ISO 15197: 2015 (6-8 points), - compliance with requirements under the Act of 20.05.2010. on medical devices (ie Journal of Laws of 2015., pos. 876 with subsequent.

d. ) 2. Employer allows test strips equivalent parameters not worse than those indicated in paragraph 1, provided that it will be compatible with their blood glucose meters by the Employer Glucomaxx. 3. Partial deliveries of the order will be implemented gradually, according to the individual orders reported each time by authorized employees of the Regional Ambulance Service in Katowice. 4.Na packs, which will be delivered subject of the contract must be placed the CE mark, moreover, the package must be described in the Polish language. 5.Wykonawca for completed deliveries will issue an invoice for each separate Ambulance. 6.Wykonawca will provide invoices in paper and electronic form, the electronic version will be implemented mainly in the DATA FARM, unless the Contractor's technical capabilities do not allow this.

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