Thailand Attracts Majority of Medical Tourists Visiting Asia

Press Release   •   Jul 29, 2013 12:54 IST

Thailand is Asia’s oldest player in the medical tourism sector. The country offers superior medical care in terms of regional standards, waiting lists are quite short or nil, and the treatment cost is very less than that in European countries and the US. This has made the country most preferred medical tourism destination among all the countries in Asian region.

Thailand offers good healthcare infrastructure, and provides world-class private healthcare facilities bestowing cost-effective medical treatments utilizing skilled and qualified medical staff, well-trained doctors, and specialists. Several private hospitals in Thailand have signed collaborative agreements with the finest international healthcare institutions and medical schools in both Europe and the US. Further, various private hospitals in the nation meet the standards of Hospital Accreditation of Thailand, such as ISO 14001, ISO 18000, ISO 9002, ISO 900:2000, and Joint Commission International Accreditation. Moreover, Thai government is also promoting the medical tourism. Thus, Medical tourism market in Thailand is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of around 24.4% during 2013-2015, according to “Asian Medical Tourism Market Forecast to 2015”, a recent report by RNCOS.

Our report provides comprehensive analysis and future forecast for the medical tourism market, and medical tourist arrivals till 2015 in major Asian countries (Thailand, Korea, India, Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines). A snapshot of spa market of these countries has also been incorporated in the report. It also provides a brief overview of the drivers and trends prevailing in the Asian medical tourism industry, such as affordable cosmetic surgeries attracting medical tourists and provision of special tourism packages to lure medical tourists. We have also included business overview and industry activities of the prominent industry players to provide a balanced research outlook of the industry. Overall, the report is designed to facilitate our clients towards devising the rightful strategies, and make sound investment decisions.

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