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The Best Things In Life Are Free And Sitacise is Launching A New Initiative To Partner With Anyone To Offer New Prospects Free Fitness Products For Them

Press release   •   May 08, 2012 14:17 IST

North Canton, OH (USA), Monday - May 07, 2012 -- Inspired by a recent promotion that Sitacise ( http://www.sitacise.com ) participated in with Nationwide Agency of Kim Renee Davis, Sitacise is now willing to partner with other companies to offer free fitness products to their new prospects, past customers, employees, school systems and churches.

Proactive businesses, companies, school systems, churches and families that want to get fit while idly sitting can contact Master level & certified fitness trainers Kathy and Mark Brown, the only Idle Sitting Disease Prevention Experts in the world, to learn about this great partnership opportunity. They can be reached at mbrown1@neo.rr.com, www.sitacise.com or 330 280-7687.

The Sitacise Company also provides counseling on the many diseases and injuries related to idle sitting and how to avoid them. Stress management techniques are also offered to help reduce weight and improve fitness. "Idle sitting increases the risks of many diseases by 20-60% states Idle Sitting Diseases Prevention expert Mark Brown".

The Sitacise program, DVD’s and books were created by Kathy & Mark Brown, certified master level personal trainers and Idle Sitting Disease Prevention Experts. Participants can expect to see an improvement in their health, increased energy, increased alertness, improved muscle tone, reduction in blood pressure and a reduction in their health care costs.

"All Americans should have a chance to learn how to get healthy and fit and Sitacise ( http://www.sitacise.com ) is willing to do it’s part to help" says master level personal trainer Mark Brown. "Sitacise is willing to partner with anyone that is really interested in getting America healthy and fit," said Idle Sitting Disease Prevention Expert Kathy Brown. We especially like working with the children.

"Convenience and ease of use were very important to us because of the effects the idle sitting epidemic that we are now battling" stated Kathy Brown. "Just as we partnered with Nationwide agent Kim Davis, we are excited to work with anyone’ stated Idle Sitting Disease Prevention Expert," Mark Brown  "Our chairs are the gyms and health clubs of the future that are available right now!"

Press & Media Contact:
Kathy or Mark Brown
North Canton, OH - USA
330 280-7687