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The branding of climate change

Press Release   •   Oct 15, 2010 16:37 IST

The branding of climate change

Branding can be used to motivate people to work towards a low-carbon economy and, by extension, embrace low-carbon products and policies. Branding techniques can provide the ideas, stories, myths and/or metaphors which lead people to action, and effective branding can build valuable business and policy assets. But what would be the most compelling branding concepts, and does the appeal vary by Canadians, English and Americans? A common theme is 'conserving mother nature', but perhaps other concepts would have greater mass appeal? ( )

This report focuses on testing 6 different branding ideas, predominant in this subject area, to see how powerful people find them to be:

- 'Beautiful nature'
- 'Positive human relationships'
- 'Empowering technical low-carbon solutions'
- 'Guilt-free luxury'
- 'Zen-like simplicity'
- 'Anti-consumerism'

Questions addressed

* Which of the six concepts tested faired best overall?
* How differently do Climate Citizens, Mild Greens, and Sceptics & Uninvolveds rate the six concepts?
* Can particular sub-groups in society be identified as being more aligned to each of the concepts?

A striking observation, from an analysis of the six environmental branding ideas tested in this research, is that while there are certainly differences in the relevance of the concepts to certain sub-groups of the population, there is little difference according to which country people come from.

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