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The Future Of Enteral Nutrition: Key players, disease specific opportunities and market forecasts

Press Release   •   Sep 05, 2010 15:57 IST

Fuelled by an aging population and rising rates of illness, the clinical nutrition markets in the US, Canada and the EU continue to expand. Each of the five major product manufacturers are attempting to differentiate their offerings through the development of new products tailored specifically for certain patient groups. These products offer significantly greater nutritive benefits than more general products, offering manufacturers a means to establish leadership in these segments and capture share. Certain other companies, including start up enterprises, are also entering this market with unique new products.
This report analyzes the clinical nutrition market, identifying new product opportunities, and discusses how they will impact the market in the near and long term. The product development strategies of the leading manufacturers are analyzed and key opportunities are identified.

Key features of this report

• Examines the current products and uses for clinical nutrition
• Identifies and analyzes the most recent trends and issues in enteral nutrition
• Forecasts the market through 2014 for the US, Canada and EU as well as by major European country, including market share information and size/growth forecasts
• Discusses how different market segments will evolve over the next five years and why
• Explores the complexities of market trends and opportunities
• Profiles the major enteral nutrition companies and their growth strategies

Scope of this report

• Develop deeper insight into the size and growth of the enteral nutrition industry by utilizing the report's unique market forecasts.
• Understand the key new product opportunities for this market in both the near and long term.
• Assess your organization's position in the market and develop strategies to optimize this position.
• Anticipate future enteral nutrition market trends and make your decisions as effective and economical as possible by understanding the industry dynamics.
• Evaluate important trends in enteral nutrition.

Key Market Issues

• Demand for enteral nutrition products is rising as the populations of the US, Canada and the EU continue to age.
• The continued trend towards personalized medicine is manifesting in the clinical nutrition market via disease-specific products and increased research into nutrigenic products.
• As hospital stays continue to decrease and more patients make use of home healthcare, particularly in Europe, the home market will become an increasingly important segment for enteral nutrition.
• With high and rising rates of obesity, and diabetes many enteral nutrition companies are developing products for these individuals who require medical feeding.
• Malnutrition among newly admitted hospital patients remains high, creating a strong need for enteral nutrition products.

Key findings from this report

• Total sales of enteral nutrition products in the US, Canada and the EU reached $3.6bn in 2009. Of this, 41.2% was derived from US sales, while 3.2% was derived from Canada and the remaining 55.5% was obtained from the EU. Through 2014, total enteral nutrition product sales will rise by 7% per year to reach $5.1bn, reflecting continued downward pricing pressure. The greatest growth will occur in the EU, at 7.1% per year, followed by the US at 7% per year and Canada at 6.2% per year.
• Neuromuscular condition patients accounted for the greatest proportion of enteral nutrition sales in 2009, followed by cancer patients, nutritional depletion/malnutrition patients, surgery/burn patients, gastrointestinal disease patients, dialysis patients, immunotherapy patients and other patients.
• Although many enteral nutrition products may be considered multifunctional, in that they can be safely and effectively used in a wide variety of clinical situations, some newer products are being optimized for certain important disease states.
• In terms of new product opportunities in the near term, patient populations that are currently underserved include those suffering from obesity, diabetics, respiratory patients, seniors and persons with dysphagia. These groups also tend to have a life-long need for medical nutrition products, creating a significant market opportunity.

Key questions answered

• What will the enteral nutrition market size and growth be through to 2014 for the US, Canada and EU?
• Within the EU, how do enteral nutrition product sales vary by country and why?
• Which companies are current and future key players?
• What are the major new product opportunities in the near and long term?
• How do new product opportunities vary by disease and region?
• What factors will affect new product opportunities in the future?

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