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The Future of Video Content Convergence: Consumer engagement opportunities in multi-platform video and over-the-top TV

Press Release   •   Oct 13, 2010 19:29 IST

The convergence of broadcast, broadband and mobile technologies is creating a dynamic 揷ontent everywhere?consumer market context, forcing major transformation and potential restructuring in the consumer electronics, technology, telecoms and media industries, and especially for content creators, owners and publishers. It is the consumer that is driving these changes, forcing the seamless convergence of video content, and this is the essential background to this report. This report lays out the business case for the strategic adoption of video-centric direct consumer engagement, across multiple devices and multi-platforms, with a special focus on Internet connected TVs and other connected CE devices. These devices will create the opportunity for content publishers and brands to develop future over-the-top TV engagement and monetization strategies using a converged content planning discipline. The search for a winning consumer proposition is reflected in the convergence of a number of businesses onto the same ground, creating strong competition as well as potential for consumer confusion in the short term.

This report presents a situation analysis from a video consumption perspective as the basis for making a business case for content owners to move into direct, multi-channel engagement planning with their users. This will include chapters on the back-end platform issues surrounding multi-channel delivery of video, the new over-the-top TV landscape and the issue of monetization of video in this new content everywhere context. Finally, a chapter looking at Brand Generated Content and related over-the-top brand engagement opportunities arisng from a converged video consumption model.

Key features of this report

• Overview of consumer consumption of video content across PC, mobile and TV
• Identification of the key challenges facing traditional broadcasters and content providers in delivering seamless multi-channel VOD services
• Actionable insight on content monetization in the evolving converged video consumer market
• Examination of the alternative distribution opportunities & routes to market for content providers in ‘over-the-top’ TV apps /content portals
• Spotlight on over-the-top brand engagement & the rise of strategic branded video content and their impact on ad agency models

Key findings of this report

Users are not interested in device convergence; it is content convergence that counts. They are not aware of or interested in how their content is delivered and are increasingly looking for a unified experience that is location independent.

We are now entering the Internet era of TV whereby users can expect an increasingly ondemand and personal viewing experience and multichannel video consumption across multiple devices will have a profound effect on future content publishing and monetization.

Over-the-top TV effectively allows content owners to by-pass existing TV platforms and take their programming directly to the TV screen from the Internet, in effect becoming a media owner themselves.

Use this report to:

• Gain a thorough understanding of future direction of the consumer-driven, converged ‘Video Everywhere’ landscape
• Understand the emerging commercial models / opportunities for the monetization of content in a multi-platform delivery future
• Compare how different consumer platform owners, video aggregators and CE manufacturers are positioning and developing their OTT offerings
• Gain an understanding on how to organize content for multi-channel leverage
• Understand branded content /direct brand engagement strategies

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