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The Global UAV Payload Market 2015-2025 - Industry Trends, Recent Developments and Challenges: Market Profile Is Released

Press Release   •   Feb 18, 2016 14:26 IST

as well as detailed analysis of the changing preferences of military forces around the world. It also identifies the current trends in the changing industry structure and the challenges faced by industry participants. Reasons?To?Buy "The Global UAV Payload Market 2015-2025 - Industry Trends, Recent Developments and Challenges: Market Profile" allows you to: - Perform an extensive analysis on the emerging technological and market trends in the UAV Payload sector. - Gain insight into the latest developments in the global UAV Payload market including technological trends and key challenges.

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Table of Contents

1 Introduction

1.1 What is this Report About?

2 Demand Drivers, Industry Trends, Challenges

2.1 Demand Drivers

2.1.1 Need for advanced surveillance and combat capabilities creating market opportunities for UAV Payloads

2.1.2 Demand for Mini UAVs driving demand for compact miniaturized UAV Payload

2.1.3 Incorporation of UAVs and associated payloads in areas other than defense

2.1.4 Territorial disputes along with internal and external security threats to increase global demand for UAV payload

2.2 Industry Consolidation

2.2.1 Joint ventures expected to increase over the forecast period

2.2.2 Large defense companies are acquiring smaller firms to cater emerging demand

2.2.3 Large defense companies are acquiring smaller firms to cater emerging demand

2.3 Technological developments

2.3.1 Stratospheric payloads to provide enhanced persistent surveillance capabilities in the future

2.3.2 Hyper spectral sensor payloads to provide enhanced monitoring and detection capabilities

2.3.3 Strained-Layer-Superlattice Infrared Camera for UAV Payloads

2.4 Market Trends

2.4.1 Open architecture design to favor further UAV Payload development

2.4.2 Demand for smaller UAVs driving developers to shrink the payload systems

2.4.3 Changing role of UAVs from ISR to hunter drive demand for weaponry payloads

2.5 Key Challenges

2.5.1 Defense budget cuts expected to hinder the growth of the UAV Payload industry

2.5.2 Market dominated by a few major players

2.5.3 International associations such as Missile Technology Control Regime restricting UAV Payload exports

2.5.4 Miniaturization of UAVs necessitating smaller payload integration to pose a major challenge for manufacturers

3 Appendix

3.1 Methodology

3.2 Definitions

3.3 About SD

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