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The Impact of US Healthcare Reform on Pharma: Analyzing the effects

Press Release   •   Oct 10, 2010 12:01 IST

This report carries out a detailed analysis of the provisions of healthcare reform and their effects on the pharmaceutical industry. Strategies for optimizing promotional activities and pipelines for the future are examined.

After a year of debate and negotiation, in 2010, President Obama signed wide-ranging health reform into law. R&D priorities, pharmaceutical promotion, and pricing and reimbursement will all be impacted. The financial impact on pharma will be negative to 2014, then positive between 2014 and 2019 once large numbers of the uninsured gain cover. The net impact is neutral.

This report provides the most detailed review of the effects on the pharma industry available at the time of going to press. Contains a model of the financial impact on the industry. Uses IMS data to model Medicaid and Medicare impact on individual companies.

Key features from reading this report

• Provides a detailed review of the provisions of US healthcare reform including the time they become effective.
• Analyses the companies most exposed to Medicare and Medicaid rebates and discounts.
• Proposes strategies from minimizing the negative impacts of reform.
• Includes a detailed analysis of the history and background to health reform.
• Examines trends in pharmaceutical promotion,pricing and reimbursement.

Key benefits of this report

• Understand in detail and anticipate the measures included in healthcare reform.
• Learn how to adapt promotional strategies to the evolving regulatory and reimbursement environment.
• Assess R&D priorities against the changing market.
• Gain insight into the dynamics of the US healthcare system and pharmaceutical market.
• Develop strategies for efficient compliance with the provisions of healthcare reform.

Key questions answered by this report

• What effects will the changes to Medicare Part D have on the generics and branded drug markets?
• What effects will the new approval pathway for biosimilars have on the biologics market?
• How will the changes to the health insurance market affect drug prices and revenues?
• What will the long-term effects of healthcare reform different parts of the pharma industry?
• Which strategies will enable pharma companies to adapt to optimize their revenues in the evolving market environment?
• Which companies will be most impacted by Medicaid rebates and Medicare discounts?
• How will new transparency rules affect the way pharmaceutical companies promote their products?
• How will comparative effectiveness affect the pharmaceutical industry?

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