The Mystifying Beauty of the Yellow Sapphire

Press Release   •   Nov 30, 2010 15:26 IST

The yellow sapphire is considered one of the best gemstones in the world which is bestowed with unique qualities. Apart from being the second most expensive gemstone, it is also considered auspicious and is related to many mythological beliefs.

The Most Famous Yellow Sapphire

Second only to diamonds, the yellow sapphire is one of the most magnificent gemstones available on earth.  It is also known as Pukhraj and is widely available in Srilanka. The Srilankan Pukhraj is considered the most authentic and priceless gemstone.

Besides being alluring in appearance, this expensive gemstone is also associated with various medicinal values. It is believed that the person who wears yellow sapphire has the power to attract good luck and prosperity. People suffering from stomach ailments and various other health ailments find this stone extremely beneficial to their health.

Wearing yellow sapphire in the form of rings and pendants are considered auspicious for businessmen and industrialist as it is also a sign of prosperity. It also proves beneficial to married couples as it helps to improve martial relationships. According to the ancient mythological beliefs, this unique stone helps to ward off evil spirits and brings peace and harmony in your home.

The yellow sapphire is considered beneficial to people of all age groups. As it improves the ability to concentrate it is also worn by children to obtain excellent academic success. These stones are available in different carats. It is important to choose the right carat as it varies according to the age group.

These stones are also worn by writers and academicians as it augments creativity and concentration powers. Known to bring in luck and wealth, it is also worn by politicians. However, in the earlier days, this expensive and priceless stone was flaunted mainly by the members of the royal family. Now you can easily purchase pendants and rings embedded with yellow sapphire from the online stores.  

Buy Authentic Stones for Best Results

Since there are a number of yellow sapphire buyers today, the number of fake stones is also on the rise. It is quite difficult to differentiate between a real and a fake stone but with better information, you can easily identify the real gemstone.

The cut and clarity of the stone is important while you choose to buy a sapphire. Stones which have freckles and spots on them are likely to be a fake. It is often lemony in color and soft in texture. Care must be taken to choose stones with the right cut otherwise it is considered inauspicious. Emitting a brilliant radiance, this gemstone is one among a million.

You can also identify the stones according to the names tagged with the gemstones like Srilankan Sapphires, African Sapphires and so forth. Sapphires are available in different colors like blue, red, green but the yellow stones are more popular and eminent for its virtues.

The use of this expensive gemstone varies from exquisite necklaces to simple pendants and rings. The yellow sapphire engagement rings are in great vogue these days with a variety of rings being available in the online jewellery stores at quite reasonable rates.

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