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The secret to keep your ERP project on time and on budget!

Press release   •   Aug 26, 2015 12:15 IST

Budget and schedule slippages seem to be an endemic problem across all types of ERP implementation.

Being late and over budget is an all-to-common aspect of ERP implementations today, but with a good dose of prior planning and common sense, failure can be avoided.

Firstly, consider the entire environment of organization. An ERP implementation is not just a technical initiative; there are significant structural, strategic, political, financial,process and people-centric implications of such a project within an organization. One need to consider how to handle such a major change which will affect the established systems within your company. For example, some departments may already have their own procedures that they are comfortable with and may not support an ERP system implementation. Successful adoption of the new system will only be assured once employees are able to use the system proficiently. Only professional training can guarantee that.

Secondly, you will find that customization is key. A common mistake is to buy a well-known ERP product because its name makes you feel‘safeand then try to make it fit your requirements. Don’t do that.Insteadone should do a better analysis of specific requirements in as much detail as possible first, and then find a suitable product using a fit-gap analysis. It’s always better to customize your chosen product to meet industry and regulatory requirements.

Finally, be realistic. If the budget and schedule are unrealistic in the first place, overruns will be a given. Implementations rolled out in companies of similar size and complexity to yours are a good guideline for determining your project’s deadlines and projected costing. Remember, however, each company has its own requirements (and problems), so use examples from other companies in conjunction with the advice provided by your IT partner, your research and your in-house expertise, to determine the final budget and time line. Here is the solution...

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